Look what marijuana did to Colorado

They warned us. If you legalize marijuana, it’s going to destroy civilization. Criminals will run rampant, and, as we all know, marijuana leads to harder drugs, just like how milk leads to alcohol.

And now we actually have some place where we can see the results.

In Colorado, since the legalization, many changes have happened.

The state has saved millions of dollars by not arresting, prosecuting, and jailing marijuana users.

The state has earned millions of dollars in registration costs, fees, and taxes on marijuana.

They’ve also earned millions in tourism. Everybody loves a “bud and breakfast.”

They warned us, they most certainly did.

They were absolutely wrong, but they did warn us.

3 thoughts on “Look what marijuana did to Colorado

  1. Me, I like free enterprise. Why is it that these pro-drug war folks hate America? Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to admit they were wrong. They haven’t admitted that they were wrong about the “International Communist Conspiracy” yet.


  2. I’m looking forward to the domestic violence numbers next year. If more people choose marijuana over beer, the math should stick and most people who become violent from alcohol do not become violent on marijuana and that should translate to less domestic violence.


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