Minimum Wage! Hyahhh! (whip crack)

Your tax dollars are being put to good use, allowing the 1% to get even richer on the backs of the poor. By refusing to raise the minimum wage to even meet the rising costs of living, there are people in America who work full-time and yet cannot make ends meet.

People who work full time should not be relying on welfare and food stamps to make ends meet when corporate profits are at their highest they have ever been. (This is not an exaggeration.) Because the businesses aren’t paying a working wage, you and I are picking up the extra costs. Well, you wouldn’t expect those CEOs to give up their third homes in Bermuda now, would you?

minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage also helps the overall economy. Duh. If people have more money, they spend it, which means businesses improve and then they need new employees, which stimulates the economy even more. Money trickles up, not down. You help those at the bottom improve their lot and it helps everyone, not just those at the top.

And yet, every time someone suggests raising the minimum wage, businesses whine that it will destroy the economy. They said the same thing about getting rid of child labor. And imposing a 40-hour work week. And having work safety regulations. And getting rid of discriminatory hiring practices. And so on and so on. Somehow, we’ve survived.

This post could fill a book talking about the economy, but mostly I just wanted to rant a bit and present the graphic above. And also this great They Might Be Giants song:

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