Insurance companies, under oath, tell the truth

It must be terribly frustrating to be an anti-Obamacare congressman these days.  doctor-obama

Why, just take the Republicans who held a hearing this week about how terrible Obamacare is and how much it is failing.   They subpoenaed insurance company executives who would testify about how less than half of those who had signed up had actually paid, how the bureaucracy was restricting care, how rates were going up, and how the entire program was terrible (because that was what Fox News kept reporting, and they’re never wrong).

Sadly, none of that came to be.  The executives, evil as they are, realized they were under oath and reported that in actuality, things were going quite well.   More people had signed up than predicted.  The vast majority (80% – 90%) were up to date on their payments.  Insurance company stock had increased and business was doing great, and because of all that, rates would not be going up.

Republicans at the hearing just couldn’t accept this, and complained that the executives weren’t being forthcoming.  Clearly, Obama’s goons had gotten to them!  Why, the goons were even able to somehow change all the statistical data in every single one of the insurance companies to make it seem that Obamacare was working.  The fiends!

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