Right to be Threatening > Right to Not Get Shot

How did we ever get to the point where the right to carry firearms is greater than the right to not be shot?

The guys carrying the guns may falsely believe they are safer with their guns around (I say “falsely” because statistics show that having a gun increases your chance of being murdered) but what about the rest of us?  Don’t we have a right to go to public places without seeing someone carrying a gun and having to worry whether that person is a law-abiding citizen or some deranged madman just about to commit another mass shooting?  Places can say “no shirt, no shoes, no service” but not “no guns”?  Give me a break.

Good old Joe the Plumber (who isn’t named Joe and is not a plumber) sees it differently. “Your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights,” he says, which of course calmly reassures those who lost their children.   What a nice guy!  Oh, wait.  I’m sorry.  I meant “asshole.”  What an asshole!   joeplumber

A long standing exception to the 1st Amendment is called “Time, Place, and Manner.”  The 1st Amendment clearly says Congress shall pass no law regulating speech, but of course they do.  Your speech can be limited in a number of reasonable ways.    You can’t stand in the middle of a courtroom during a trial and give a speech about taxation.  You can’t have a rally at 3 am using loudspeakers.  You can’t disrupt a military funeral claiming that “God hates fags.”  The time, place, and manner of your speech can be regulated.

The 2nd Amendment is not as clearly written as the 1st, and even includes the words “well regulated” which appears nowhere else in the Constitution.  So for people to say that the right to carry a gun cannot be regulated in the same way speech is doesn’t make any sense.  Of course it can.  If they can keep you from getting up in the middle of Chipotles and giving a speech, then they can keep you from bringing a gun in there.   And this does not infringe on your right to own a gun, but only limits where you can take it.

(Do not be distracted by what Joe was responding to.  The murder’s father rant blaming the NRA was ridiculous — he’s the father; he holds more  responsibility for his son’s actions than anyone else.)


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