Hero of the Day

Here’s Texas Governor Rick Perry, heroically defending our border against unarmed children.


He’s so macho, squinting into the sun — too bad he doesn’t have one of those baseball hats that has a rim to keep the sun off his face.  He patrolled the border like that for at least ten or fifteen minutes — until the photographer had enough good shots — so you know we won’t be bothered by any refugee kids coming over here, taking our jobs and voting for Democrats all willy-nilly like the election was a pinata.  Or something.

Perry knows that we have to stop these kids from coming here because (1) they’re illegals (duh);  (2) we can’t just care for every single child that is unwanted (embryos excepted);  and (3) Uh.  Let’s see.  Hm.  I can’t remember the third thing.


4 thoughts on “Hero of the Day

  1. (2) We can’t take care of our own kids. The foster kids are dropping like flies from abuse. Every government agency has problems and they need money to improve, but the fatality rate is really too high. Maybe these kids would be safer NOT depending on us. I hear Nebraska has a good foster care system, but I haven’t done the research

    (3) he really needs his note pad or to wear his damn glasses when he leaves his office.


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