Equality at last!

Some time ago, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State — one of the most powerful people in the friggin’ world — she was at a forum about foreign policy and the conversation went like this:

MODERATOR: Which designers do you prefer?

SECRETARY CLINTON: What designers of clothes?


SECRETARY CLINTON: Would you ever ask a man that question? 

And she was absolutely right.  The press always seems to talk about what female politicians are wearing, as if they are movie stars or something, and as if that mattered one bit.tan suits

Good news, everybody!  We have finally reached equality, because the right-wing media has decided that it matters very much what male politicians are wearing, too!  They’ve criticized Obama for wearing a tan suit recently, because tan suits are … um …  well, I am not sure why.  Presidents aren’t supposed to wear tan suits or something.

I am not making this up.

But hey, at least they’re discussing his fashion choices, which is just as important and relevant as which designers Hillary Clinton likes!  Equality at last!

By the way, because you know I was going to, here’s a collection of previous Presidents wearing tan suits.

Yes, we tan!

2 thoughts on “Equality at last!

  1. What the hell is so wrong with a President wearing a tan suit? I mean, really, what’s wrong with it? It doesn’t look Presidential? I think it does.


  2. I smirked at his suit and thought about how he almost waited too long to wear it this year.
    But I didn’t say it out loud! The internet has ruined people’s Brain to Mouth filters.
    For fashion rules that are barely even followed, anymore, you just shut your trap and listen to the guy’s words… and try not to pity him while thinking about how dark his hair was and how smoothe his skin was during that first victory speech where I would have carded him to be sure he was really 34, if it had been my job to checks. I’d give him the senior discount, now.


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