Editorial cartoon: Boldy going

One thought on “Editorial cartoon: Boldy going

  1. Spock adds, “Captain, after some deep contemplation and rational consideration, I have deduced that there are several things in the 21st-century that are parallel to our own time. For example, it is a good thing that we regularly open carry our phasers on away missions, otherwise we would have likely been killed dozens of times. That mob of aliens, illegally inhabiting the last Federation planet we visited and attempting to consume many of its resources without contributing anything meaningful, would have surely ended us had it not been for our advanced personal defensive weapons, and our training and ability to use our sidearms effectively. I now understand what that gentleman in the 21st-century meant by ‘Libtard’. It’s a good thing that reason prevailed and we maintained our tactical arsenals and focus on combat throughout history, otherwise Earth and Vulcan would have been overrun by the Klingons or the Romulans long ago.”


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