Obamacare not an issue in the election

The last few elections saw Republicans attacking Obamacare, saying how awful it was and how it would ruin the economy and make people die and cause the earth to leave its orbit and careen into the sun.  “It’s the worst thing to happen to America since slavery,” they actually said.  doctor-obama

Here’s the funny thing:  None of the bad stuff they predicted would happen actually happened.  I know, right?  Who would have thought that the Republicans had lied and exaggerated?  Shocking.

The uninsured rate keeps dropping.  Approval of Obamacare is at its highest.    Insurance cost increases have even gone down.  (Yeah, they’re still rising — they were doing that before Obamacare, you know, by huge numbers — but percentage-wise, they are not rising as fast as they were, and in some places they’ve even gone down.)

And the GOP knows this.  That’s why they’ve finally stopped scheduling “repeal Obamacare” votes and why you don’t hear them talking about it any more.

I mean, it’s not like they had a real reason to be against it.  Obamacare was, after all, originally a Republican plan.  They liked the idea of keeping the insurance companies happy.  It was called “Romneycare” at first, you know.  They only opposed it because Obama supported it, because all that party knows how to do these days is to oppose anything the Democrats favor.

But that’s all in the past.  Conservatives have always been against social progress, and they’ll scream and yell as they’re being dragged into the present but eventually they’ll shut up.  They did the same thing with worker’s safety, minimum wage, child labor laws, racial integration, medicare, medicaid, environmental protection, voting rights, women’s rights, gay rights … (need I go on?)


2 thoughts on “Obamacare not an issue in the election

  1. Total nonsense. The passage of obamacare was unconstitutional in the first place. I’ve studied the Constitution for some 40 years, and there is nothing in it that gives Congress the power to force you, me, or anyone else to purchase ANYTHING! You may recall “candidate Obama” PROMISING that all hearings would be televised on C-Span. He lied, because there were NO HEARINGS on C-Span! Why not? Because all of this was done behind closed doors, in secret sessions. Most member of Congress did not have enough time to read the entire bill.
    You must also have heard candidate Obama promising that each bill that reached his desk would be presented to the public for comment for at least 5 days before he would take action. He lied.
    As a speed reader, I was able to read the entire bill, and that was why I was opposed to it from the outset. Not once did I see the world “voluntary” within that bill, but I DID see the words “mandatory” and “compulsory” countless times.
    But you may say “The Supreme Court ruled it was okay.” No, they did not. They only ruled on the tax aspect of the bill, and NOT on the individual mandate.
    Anyone who is so sure that obamacare is constitutional, please cite me the part of the Constitution that gives Congress the legal authority to force people to buy anything…especially if they cannot afford it or do not want it!
    Oh, as for premiums: I have some friends who have had their premiums skyrocket by more than 400%, while their deductibles soared from hundreds up to some $5000.00!!! Like it or not, that is NOT how medical insurance works. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium. That has always been the case.
    Now, if they want a bill that is Constitutional, then they should pass one where purchase of the product is VOLUNTARY, with no fines or penalties in the form of a tax. If Congress had done that, I’d have supported the concept of the bill.
    Suggestion: Read the first 3 words of the Constitution: “WE THE PEOPLE”. It is not for the government to force us to do anything. It is “we the people” who tell the government what we will allow it to do…and no more than that!


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