WTF is a Science Teacher Doing Teaching Creationism?

Doesn’t that, you know, automatically make him unqualified to teach science?

Apparently John Freshwater thinks his firing was unfair. Just because he taught creationism in his science class. And handed out flyers denying evolution. And waved the Bible around. Oh, and then there was that time he burned a cross into a student’s arm.

His lawyers argued, incredibly, that denying him the right to teach crap was a violation of his 1st Amendment rights, completely missing the point that no one was stopping him from spewing out his ignorance on his own time. But this guy was a science teacher! Knowing science seems to be, I dunno, a qualification of this job, don’t ya think?

It’s sad that we still have to fight these ridiculous battles almost 100 years since the Scopes trial. It’s embarrassing, actually.

9 thoughts on “WTF is a Science Teacher Doing Teaching Creationism?

  1. Maybe he was a football coach. In Texas you don’t have to know the subject to teach it so long as you can bring some good into the football team. That goes for 6th grade on; mostly social studies, but even math. Maybe Ohio is the same. I’d really, really, like to say, “The man went off his meds and that’s why he did it.” But, I know that isn’t it. He’s the normal zealot who couldn’t get another job.


  2. You know what kills me? People using technology (which is based on firm scientific principles) to promote an “anti-science” perspective. I chat ONLINE with people all the time who say “welp, science is based on it’s own faith”, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it is the science that is enabling them to communicate this message to me instantly. No horses, carrier pigeons, or telepathic mediums were involved.


  3. Forget about his views on science–he burned a cross in a kid’s arm. Why is he not in jail for child abuse or assault? Why was he not fired immediately over THAT? He BURNED a child with a cross that lasted WEEKS. And it sounds like, since they settled, that he never denied doing it. Why is he still walking around free?


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