Oh, just admit you’re a racist already

The truck ahead of me recently had “Jersey Strong” sticker and a Confederate license frame saying “heritage not hate.”

Because if there’s one thing New Jersey heritage is all about, it’s being a part of the Confederacy.

Stop lying about the Treason Flag

“It’s heritage!” claim racists and people who don’t think. “This confederate flag — which wasn’t even the actual flag of the confederacy but was adopted as one by the Klan and other racists to symbolize their hatred — is just about our proud southern heritage!”

Sure, of course. That’s why you see so many people of color in the south flying it. Pride.

That’s why you see people who have never even been to the south flying it. It’s why you see northern Trump supporters putting it on their vehicles. It’s why a recent right-wing trucker protest in Canada had the Confederate flag flying. Canada! You know, that country that had absolutely nothing to do with the American Civil War.

Heritage. Sure. Of course.

Look, just come out of the closet already and admit you fly it because you’re a white supremacist. We all know it anyway.

This is a real picture from the recent Canadian protest. I am not making this up

There goes the Robert E. Lee

I grew up in Richmond and went to college at VCU in the heart of the city. At one point, we had an apartment near the Virginia Museum and I’d ride my bike down Monument Avenue to go to class each day. (Suddenly I’m remembering having to ride home in a sudden downpour, hoping the books in my backpack didn’t get too wet.)

Anyway, even then, my friends and I knew those statues to traitors should not be there. We called Monument Avenue “the Avenue of Losers” (and I even worked that into my novel BLOODSUCKERS: A VAMPIRE RUNS FOR PRESIDENT which begins in Richmond).

So I’m glad to see that they’re finally removing the statues to the traitors, which were only erected by confederate sympathizers and racists during the Jim Crow days. You know — losers.

You want to idolize an evil man who owned other people and was willing to kill fellow Americans for the right to continue to do so? Fine, put the statue on your own property. This property — this avenue — belongs to us. We are refusing to use our money to support your evil on our property.

We should not be spending taxpayer money honoring people who rebelled and declared treason against that same government that now pays for the statues.

“It’s not honoring, it’s history” claim people who literally think that is a good argument. I don’t think it’s worth wasting my time explaining to these morons that we don’t honor bad history, and we don’t need statues to learn about history. (Somehow, we’ve managed to learn about World War II without a single statue of Hitler anywhere.)

So yeah, good riddance. Proud of my old hometown.

It’s not about you

You ever notice that the people who complain about “political correctness” are never the ones that need correcting?

“I can’t believe they’re changing the Cleveland Indians to the Guardians!” a bunch of non-Native Americans are screaming. “How dare they get rid of Aunt Jemima!” say white people. “Changing fictional characters to become women is ridiculous!” say men.

“What do you mean I can’t use an insulting term about someone different than me?” they say. “That’s ridiculous. Those terms never bothered me any, so why is everyone else upset?”

Because it’s not about you. It’s true. I know, I know — sit down and consider the following concepts:

  • Other people exist in the world
  • They have opinions, too
  • They are experts about their own identity, not you
  • If they say something is insulting to them, you should listen
  • You are impressing no one with your stubborn refusal to change
  • Being an asshole about it isn’t admirable


“We made Juneteenth a national holiday!”

“Great! How about that voting rights bill?”

“Didn’t you hear? Holiday!”

“And are you voting for the police reform act?”

“I don’t think you’re listening. National. Holiday.”


cartoon by Clay Bennett

Protests Don’t Accomplish Anything

So after a week of protests, all four cops have been arrested, other cops are being arrested and/or investigated over their overreactions in other cases, Minneapolis may be disbanding their police force, other cities are demilitarizing their police, the Marines have banned Confederate flag symbols, Confederate statues are coming down, and even Republicans are starting to say “Black Lives Matter.”

But yet people are still saying “protests don’t accomplish anything.”


What every black friend of yours knows

Every single black person you have ever met has a story to tell about how they were treated differently and how they are constantly wary of doing anything that some crazy karen or racist cop might take the wrong way.

Just like every woman can tell you a story about how she was mistreated, ignored, or passed over because of her gender.

If you’re not aware of that, then you’re part of the problem. (And maybe your “black friends” aren’t as close as you think they are if you are denying what every one of them experiences.)


Aren’t we all supposed to be antifa?

I always thought the default position was to be against fascists. I’m proud to be anti-fascists.

I guess if you’re anti-antifa, that must make you fa.

“No!” some of my well-meaning liberal friends say. “They’re violent and violence is always bad!”

Well, first of all, let me roll my eyes in disbelief. Then, let me point out a few things:

  • The nazis, klan members, and Trump supporters who march through town wearing swastikas, Confederate flags and klan flyers while shouting “Jews will not replace us” are not only advocating violence, they are literally killing people.  And they’re killing people because of who they are — over things they have no control over, like their race, sex, nationality, and sexual identity.
  • Antifa people are responding to them. If the fascists go away, the antifa people will too.
  • Some asshole nazi-supporting reporter gets beaten? Yeah, that shouldn’t have happened. But that’s it? That’s the one example? How many mass shootings by white supremacists do we need on the other side to say “That is so minor in comparison”?
  • There is no coordinated antifa organization. It’s just something you identify yourself as, like being a Beatles fan. There’s no dues. There’s no leader… As opposed to the klan and the nazis and the goddamn Republican party, with its leader that has inspired more terrorist attacks in the last two years than any ISIS leader.
  • Throwing milkshakes at people isn’t violence. It’s not meant to harm them, it’s meant to humiliate them. It’s for us to laugh at them, because they don’t know how to handle being laughed at.
  • There is no way to equate milkshake throwing with murder.
  • There is absolutely no evidence of “cement mixed into milkshakes.” That’s a complete lie made up by right-wing fanatics without any proof to it.
  • The reason some antifa people wear masks to hide their faces is because these nazis on the other side have guns and want to kill them.
  • A very small percentage of antifa people have committed minor crimes of violence, but nothing compared to what the nazis, klan members, Trump supporters and fascists have committed. It is possible to be against all violence, from either side, and still be anti-fascist.

Nobody gives you rights

Whenever I read “Lincoln gave the slaves freedom” or “Roe v. Wade gave women the right to their bodies” or “The Supreme Court gave gays the right to get married,” it always sounds strange.

If I steal your car and then return it, you don’t say “Michael gave me a car.”

You’re supposed to stand up to the bad guys

Now that more information has come out about the confrontation with those Catholic boys and the Native American, it seems clearer to me that it went somewhat like this:

“We’re a bunch of spoiled boys marching to fight against women’s rights! We’re wearing our MAGA hats to show everyone that we’re bigots!”

“I am a Native American veteran and I will stand up to you peacefully.”

“We will defuse the situation by mocking native people and screaming ‘build the wall’ while doing a Maori dance! There, we’re the good guys here!”

Nah, not buying it. The fact that the veteran walked up to people who should be confronted doesn’t make him the bad guy here. He did the right thing. We should all be confronting the haters.


cartoon by Clay Jones