Rush to judgment

To those conservatives I’ve seen posting things like “You liberals who are happy that Rush is dead are just full of hate!”:

Rush Limbaugh hated gays. He hated Mexicans, and blacks, and women. He hated liberals. He hated Muslims and atheists and anyone who wasn’t his version of “Christianity.” He hated everyone except rich white men like himself.

We liberals hate people who hate. We don’t hate people based on things they have no control over, such as all the things I mentioned above.

It’s okay to hate assholes, because nobody was born an asshole.

cartoon by Steve Sack, after Limbaugh was forced by his advertisers to apologize for calling a liberal woman a slut and a prostitute

The Market and the Cancel Culture

“The market should decide!”

“Okay, the market has decided that it is in their best interest to get rid of Aunt Jemima and actors and commentators who say racist and sexist things that cause our advertisers to leave.”

“Not like that! Cancel culture! How dare the market decide these things!”

The Insurrectionists

My favorite Bernie photoshops

Poor Bernie at the inauguration! He’s old and cold, and looks kind of sad, so everyone tried to cheer him up with these pictures. I’m sure he’s taking them in the way they are meant — not mean-spirited at all. Here are some of my favorites. Click on them to enlarge.

Impeachment: The Sequel

Brian Carroll

The language of the abusers

Whenever you hear one of the Republican apologists telling us all how we should put the past violence aside and get along — or worse yet, we shouldn’t impeach because it would cause more violence — imagine in your mind a t-shirted male abuser talking to the woman on the floor who has just picked up a weapon to defend herself.

It fits perfectly. It’s the language of the abusers.

Trump: Murder is no big deal!

Chris Britt

8th Annual War on Christmas Contest

Merry War on Christmas, everybody!

Anger drives ratings, as Fox News is well aware. And that’s why they created the War on Christmas. Those poor Christians, being attacked and persecuted and treated terribly — how awful it must be to be a discriminated against majority. All those laws requiring people to never say “Merry Christmas” …  oh wait.

cartoon by Rob Tornoe

Every example Fox News gives for a “War on Christmas” always boils down to something like “They won’t let us force kids to sing our religious songs!” or “They say ‘Happy Holidays’ which acknowledges that not everyone is a Christian and therefore they are attacking us!” or “They are refusing to allow us to use their money (taxpayer dollars) for a religious display.”

So for eight years now, I have challenged anyone to give me an example of a real “attack on Christmas,” because every one of these examples is, in reality, fought in defense. You wouldn’t even hear about them if these particular Christians weren’t trying to require everyone to obey their beliefs.

Acknowledging other beliefs by saying “Happy holidays” does not diminish the belief in Christmas one bit. Those who complain are just mad that you aren’t treating them special. That’s hardly a war — it’s the temper tantrum spoiled kids get when you give attention to someone else.

Or else they’ll point out one misguided grinch who complains about a decoration or something as if that was evidence of a vast, coordinated attack. Last year, they trotted out an elementary school principal who, in an effort to avoid controversy, banned even secular representations of Christmas such as Santa Claus and Christmas trees. She changed her position once people complained, but that was hardly a “war on Christmas” as much as it was someone who understood that religion does not belong in a public school but mistakenly went too far.

And this in no way prevented any family from celebrating their religion in any way they wanted to on their own.

So there’s my yearly challenge: find me one example of anyone trying to prevent people from celebrating a religious Christmas. Just one.

I have a feeling I know what the result will once again be.

EDITED TO CLARIFY: I’m talking about the US only; clearly there is a war against various religions in other countries

(And yes, of course, just to clarify: #notallChristians)

(Political) Science

I was a recent guest on Science Babe Yvette Ross’ blog, where we discuss the Constitution, politics, the election, cats, and other important topics. Check it out!

Polls be damned, vote no matter what

I have to admit that the polls look good going into this election, but you have to keep in mind that polls do not take into consideration cheating. Republicans have made their election strategy clear: They’re willing to do anything to win this election (except get the most votes).

We’ve already seen voter intimidation encouraged by the President; fake mail-in drop boxes set up to steal ballots; the closing of precincts; forcing people to drive hundreds of miles to drop off their ballots; and numerous lawsuits having the prime purpose of making sure the will of the people is not heard.

The only way to counter all this is with a massive vote that overwhelms all the tricks they are using.

But to the polls: Some people are saying “Yeah, Biden is ahead, but so was Hillary at this time.” That’s only true in certain places. Overall, Biden has been ahead of Trump consistently, which is unusual in a Presidential campaign. Here, look at this (from Real Clear Politics):

Trump has never hit a 50% approval rating as President. His highest scores are still lower than Obama’s lowest scores. His following is limited, and it’s even less this time. Some of those who supported him last time are abandoning him now, and he hasn’t appealed to any new voters.

But what about four years ago when we all said the same thing? Here’s how it looked then:

So what happened? Some of it was polling itself — many people didn’t want to admit they were voting for the racist incompetent idiot and wouldn’t tell the pollsters. Some of it was us being so confident we didn’t all get out and vote. Some of it was our terrible Electoral College (because, after all, the polls showed her ahead by 3% and she did get 3% more than Trump, just not in the right states). And some was the fact that Clinton, unlike Biden, started out with negative ratings and never really appealed to many voters.

But this time we’re ready and voting — but so are the Trump people. And they’re cheating. So don’t get complacent and don’t get comfortable. Vote!

(According to, this is what the Electoral College results would be if the election was held today and all the polls were completely accurate:)

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