No pity for the ignorant anti-vaxxers

I don’t have any more pity for these people.

If they had just gotten the vaccine and worn a mask, we’d be pretty much over this by now. Their selfishness and ignorance is why we’re still dealing with it.

And a lot of it is willful ignorance. They’re listening to Trump and people who are lying to them, and they are believing the lies without taking the slightest bit of impartial investigation for themselves to learn the truth.

The cult of ignorance is literally killing us.

And it’s especially frustrating when you get health care workers objecting to the vaccine. I don’t remember them objecting to getting a flu vaccine in order to work, do you?

Look, a health care worker should lose their job if they don’t believe in science and health. An astronaut should lose their job if they think the earth is flat. A biologist should lose their job if they don’t believe in evolution. A lawyer should lose their job if they refuse to pledge to follow the law. A cop should lose their job if they belong to the klan and therefore don’t believe in protecting the citizens.It’s a job requirement.

Don’t like it? Get another job. Stop putting the rest of us at risk because of your delusions.

A cartoon from 100 years ago that is still relevant

People living in an alternate universe

Michael DeAdder

Bisexual superheroes?!!

Superman marries Lois Lane


Batman has sex with Catwoman


Spider-Man gets it on with Mary Jane


Ironman has sex with as many women as possible


Superman’s son kisses another man

Proud Boys: OMIGOD can’t they keep this sexual stuff off the comics? I don’t want to know about their private lives, I just want to see them fighting! Why do they have to shove this crap in my face?

As seen in the Sinema

Not a smart man

No, it’s the perfect time to fire anyone who refuses to get vaccinated and who could thus infect vulnerable patients. You want this to end? You need to get the people transferring the virus away from those who can get infected.

The hospitals know this. The doctors know this. The lawyers for the hospitals know this.

But I guess the meme is right: He’s not a smart man.

End of the Roe

Things I Have Never Done (and don’t want to)

Things have been crazy lately — been very busy and just not up to talking too much politics, so excuse me for not updating the blog as often as I should.

So today, I’m just going to have a bit of fun. I saw some meme where you assign points to things you’ve never done in your life, and there’s a lot I haven’t done that most other people have. So I’m going to waste your time listing a few here just for the fun of it, but also so I don’t go too long without updating the blog.

Things I Have Never Done (and don’t want to):

Have a hangover

Go skydiving

Get a tattoo

Smoke a cigarette

Take hard, illegal drugs

Get into a fistfight

Break a bone

Cheat on my wife

Go to a strip club

Go to Las Vegas to gamble

Buy lottery tickets

Eat a variety of rare meats

Watch a football game from start to finish

Attend a Mariah Carey convention

Binge-watch the Kardashian TV show

Participate in a riot trying to overthrow an election


Matt Davies

The budget that won’t budge

“We can’t afford 3.5 trillion over the next ten years to invest in our families and infrastructure and to fight climate change and to give people free college!”

“Guess you’re right. Let’s work on the military budget instead.”

“Sure. That’ll be 7 trillion over the next ten years.”

“No problem. Passed.”

The more things change…