The Republican Free Pass

Imagine if we all got the same kind of free pass the Republicans are giving Trump.

“Honey, I know yesterday I said I cheated on you, but today I’m telling you that what I meant was that I DIDN’T cheat on you!”

“Oh, well, that’s completely different! You’re absolutely forgiven.”

putin tru,p

A perfectly treasonable explanation

It’s amazing how real, solid evidence (including indictments, arrests, convictions and guilty pleas) will not convince these people but the wildest conspiracy theories are swallowed whole without a thought.

Trump supporters are still chanting about Hillary while Trump stands with Putin and, despite the findings of the FBI, CIA, and every intelligence organization in his own country, claims that there was no Russian interference in our election.

Amazing, isn’t it?

(Mind you, I’m a criminal defense attorney, so I’m used to guilty people doing their best to discredit the police. I’m just not used to the President of the United States doing it.)

Trump meets with Putin in Helsinki, Finland

Putin’s look is one of a man thinking “I’ve got Trump’s balls right here in my pocket.”  (Photo credit: KEVIN LAMARQUE / REUTERS)

Here’s the thing (as I’ve said before):

It’s one thing to be ignorant. That’s not the same thing as being stupid. Everyone is ignorant of something. I’m ignorant of sports teams, fashion, and nuclear science.

But ignorance can be cured with education, and knowing you are ignorant of something is good.

The sin is in being willfully ignorant — in refusing to seek out facts or refusing to acknowledge them because it might change your already held opinion.

But the Trump people refuse to believe, despite the indictments and guilty pleas already handed down.  Instead of believing Mueller, who helped to bring Enron, Gotti and many mafia gangsters to justice and whose reputation is untarnished, they rely on Fox News or Trump, whose reputation for truth and facts is undeniably absent.

Sometimes I think this isn’t really a fight between right and left or right and wrong but informed and ignorant.

An Amazing Coincidence!

July 27, 2016: Trump looks at the camera and says ““Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing” thus inviting a foreign country to commit espionage against an American candidate.

July 27, 2016, late at night (according to today’s indictments): Russia hacks into the Democratic party’s computers.

What an amazing coincidence!

(Just to make sure it’s even more blatantly obvious, you know who Trump’s campaign manager was on that day? Hint: he’s now sitting in jail, accused of colluding with Russia.)

The only good thing about this is that whenever some Trump supporter claims there has been no Russian interference with our election, I can now say “But her emails!”