Trump is a racist

“Trump is many things but not a racist,” say his supporters.

I’m not sure what the guy has to do for people to admit he is a racist. Get fined for refusing to rent to black people? Oh, right, he did that already. Call Mexicans rapists? Oops, done that. Insult Congresspeople who are not white and tell them to go back home? Yep, done that. Demand innocent black men get the death penalty for a crime they didn’t commit? Been there, done that. Insinuate Obama wasn’t born in America simply because he’s black? Oh, right, he was the leader for that one. Call KKK members and nazis “fine people”? Oh, I remember now. Call African countries shitholes? Yep, done that. Hire people whose backgrounds are from white supremacist groups? Plenty of those. Have an Attorney General who was close to the KKK? Yep. Institute a travel ban on Muslims? You bet. Have his casinos fined for discriminatory practices? Absolutely.

Not sure how much evidence people need. Any one of these is enough.

Seriously, anyone who says he isn’t a racist is probably a racist themselves because they agree with all this but are in denial about their own racism.

cartoon by Dave Whamond



Kevin Siers

Don’t vote for ANY Republicans

I am once more being asked by local friends to support certain Republicans for local races. I do not do that any more, even when I know these people.

If you’re still a Republican after all this — after the concentration camps, the ICE raids, the racism, the sexism, the outright hatred and the criminal activities of the leaders of the party — then I have to assume you support all this, especially if you have been silent about it all.

Sure, the position you’re running for doesn’t make political decisions, but if I vote for a Republican Dog Catcher, am I thus supporting someone who believes in white supremacy? That thinks my wife is a lesser person who can’t make her own decisions? Who has no sympathy for refugee children running from war and death? Who supports Russia over our own country? Who has no problem with corruption in the White House?

This is no longer just about whether we should fund the Environmental Protection Agency or what our tax structure should be. This is no longer about right and left — it’s about right and wrong.

Also, why should I help that party at all? Every lower office run by a Republican helps the party raise money for the bigger offices.

No, anyone who can see what the Republican party stands for these days and yet remains in that party has disqualified themselves from ever being considered by me.

“Very Fine People”

Clay Jones

Don’t Back Down

When someone gets mad at you for being political on social media, do not back down.

Now is not the time to be complacent. When our government is looking more like a dictatorship than a democracy, you need to stand up and fight back at every opportunity. You need to say no.

Every time we give in, act peaceful, and don’t confront evil at every opportunity, they win. They have the money and the power, but we have the numbers — but if we don’t use our advantage, they will use theirs, and they will win.

And I’m serious about calling this evil. This is no longer about left and right, liberal and conservative. This is about allowing harm to come to innocent people. It’s about looking the other way when crimes are being committed. It’s about ignoring treason, racism, sexism, homophobia. It’s about not being selfish.

Don’t back down.

This is Pence observing the Trump Concentration Camps. You know those scenes in old WWII movies where the Aryan nazi observes the prisoners with disgust? Tell me Pence doesn’t look like that guy.

Only ours count

Matt Bors

I knew it!

Apparently, some Ventrella somewhere got into the Urban Dictionary and entered this definition. I promise it was not me!