Oh Noes! Trump has sued us! Right at midterms!

Oh no! Trump has filed a lawsuit claiming that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats (and anyone else he can throw in there) conspired to tie his campaign into Russia!

Now the Democrats will have to produce the evidence they have linking Trump to Russia and can subpoena records and obtain discovery from him in the process as well as requiring him to testify in depositions under oath, which he can’t refuse since he’s the one who filed the lawsuit!

In order to defend against this, the poor Democrats will have to show that in Trump’s four years in office, he constantly took actions to support Russia over the interests of the United States!

My goodness, he really threw us in the briar patch this time, didn’t he?

How terrible for us that people will be constantly reminded on the news about the Trump connection with Russia (during a war where Russia is now hated by a majority of Americans). And right at the time of midterms!

(Trump, of course, will use this as a fundraiser to get his supporters to give him lots of money which he tells them will go for the cost of the lawsuit but in the small print will say that it won’t, just like he did last time… or else he’ll scam them by not letting them realize their donation repeats weekly. That’s what dishonest grifters do, you know.)

I’m so worried that this will dominate headlines for months and keep the issue in the minds of all the voters. Oh me oh my, pass the smelling salts, I think I’m going to faint.

To those who say Putin wouldn’t have attacked if Trump was still President

Those who say “Putin wouldn’t have invaded if Trump was still President” are either liars or deluded idiots. Trump helped pave the way for this to happen. (I mean, geez, he was impeached for one of them, when he tried to keep arms from getting to Ukraine unless they dug up dirt on Biden).

Here’s a CNN article listing 37 times Trump was soft on Russia — and it’s from a while ago, so doesn’t include the recent examples.

Putin was hoping Trump would be re-elected because then the invasion would have been even easier.

And all the Republicans who let Trump do this and voted against his impeachment bear the responsibility as well.

After all, Trump just recently praised Putin for the attack, calling it “genius.” If Trump was still President, he’d be helping Putin, not standing up to him like Biden is doing.

National Security journalist Ed Luce said this about the claim: “The reason Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while Trump was president was because he was getting everything he wanted without firing a shot, or risking [losing] an oligarch. War is the last resort. Trump was a gift to Putin that kept on giving.”

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, Americans who supported them were called “useful idiots.” Putin clearly is relying on today’s versions of the useful idiots.

Why it’s so easy to be a Republican

Seriously. Being a Democrat is hard. We have to stand for things and mean it, and our voters hold us to what we say.

How much easier it is to be a Republican. Just think about it. You don’t have to stand for anything.

You can say you’re against huge deficits, and then once elected, create deficits higher than any Democrat.

You can scream that “Blue Lives Matter” but look the other way as your own supporters brutally attack cops.

You can claim to love America while waving a Confederate flag.

You can talk about how a Democratic president shouldn’t be allowed to name a Supreme Court justice in an election year and then rush your own nominee through while voting has already begun.

You can be completely in favor of mail-in voting until you realize more Democrats use it than Republicans, and then you can be completely against it.

You can talk about how important the filibuster rule is and then you can ignore it when you’re in charge and want something passed.

You can claim to be the party of “family values” while supporting politicians who cheat on their wives and pay porn stars for sex.

You can support an employment-based health care program until a Democrat proposes it, and then you can be completely against it.

You can refuse to support a bill setting up a bipartisan committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection and then when Democrats do it anyway without you, you can criticize them for not being bipartisan.

You can talk about how you need to get government off the backs of Americans while at the same time telling people who they can and can’t marry and what they can do with their own bodies.

There are many more examples, of course. These are just off the top of my head. (Feel free to add your own in the comments.)

Life would be so much easier if I were a Republican. I’d never have to worry about anything I said, because I could do the exact opposite the next minute and other Republicans would have no problem with me doing that.

They have it so easy!

Republican “logic”

Here’s this guy who lies constantly but became President despite a majority of Americans voting against him. He’s the only President who never even gained a 50% approval rating and the only one to be impeached twice. More people in his administration were indicted and convicted than any other President in history, including Richard Nixon. Thanks to his terrible leadership, we lost the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Presidency by a huge margin.

Let’s keep supporting him!

cartoon by Clay Jones

Why Trump’s “First Amendment” defense is bullshit

Trump is not being punished for speaking. No one is censoring him.

Ever since the founding of the nation, it’s been clear that “inciting a riot” is what is being punished, not the words. It’s the action that is illegal.

For instance, if you stand on a street corner and say “Let’s all get guns and attack the Capitol” and no one pays any attention to you, no one is going to charge you.

Further, you can be impeached for things you say, especially when those things are clear intentions to ignore the Constitution you took an oath to uphold.

I’m sure the lawyers know this. It’s basic stuff. But facts apparently don’t matter to Republicans these days.

Impeachment is a win/win for Democrats

Sure, the Republicans are going to fight against a second Impeachment, but there are two possible resolutions:

First: They agree and we get Trump removed from ever holding office again. We set the standard for the future that a President doesn’t get a break from encouraging an insurrection against his own country; that he’s not above the law. We show that the United States stands for something. And those Republicans that do the right thing and join us will get attacked by the crazies in their party, who will run Trumpies against them in the next primary, thus making them easier to beat. The infighting in the party only benefits us.

Second: They don’t do that. (This is much more likely. I mean, come on, how can you have a trial when the jury is full of co-conspirators?) Trump remains popular, might run again, might start a new party that will siphon votes away from Republicans. (Or he gets arrested and can’t lead his sheep from jail). We get to hang this unpopular ex-President around the necks of those Republicans who placed politics above the country. The longer Trump is away, the less his popularity will carry him. Moderates and independents won’t look back fondly on the Trump years, and the support Trump had does not always flow to his sycophants.

So yeah, those Democrats who are saying his impeachment is ridiculous or a waste of time aren’t looking at the big picture here. Pelosi and Schumer know exactly what they’re doing.

Why Trump-appointed judges have ruled against him

Donald Trump knows nothing about how government works, and was clearly under the impression that all the judges he appointed would be loyal to him.

But now his lawsuits have had more than fifty losses and only one procedural win early on (having to do with forcing Pennsylvania to do something it was already doing, so it’s kind of moot). Judges from every state have ruled against the GOP’s attempt to destroy democracy. The Supreme Court twice (and swiftly) refused to hear the appeals and not one Justice filed a dissent.

And many of these judges were Trump-appointed.

And here’s why that happened:

The GOP has been filling the courts for years with right-wing ideologues, many of whom are deemed “unqualified” by the American Bar Association. These radical judges have done a great job in destroying many of our basic civil liberties and bending over backwards to give corporations wins.

But these people were nominated in the first place because they are (what I call in my Constitution book) “Constitutional Fundamentalists.” Like religious fundamentalists, they believe there is only one interpretation of their holy document and lo and behold, they know exactly what it is and it matches their own views perfectly.

Justice Scalia was one of the prime movers of this idea on the Supreme Court, believing not only that his view of what the Constitution was correct, but that everyone who disagreed with him was not only wrong but very likely evil as well. Fortunately, he no longer does this, primarily because he is dead, but his views live on.

These fundamentalist judges honestly believe that they are being fair in their decisions and are fanatics to the fantasy document that exists in their head. They don’t think they are interpreting the Constitution in any way, ignoring the fact that every decision a court ever makes about the Constitution is an interpretation. (If the Constitution was as clear as they believe, there would never be a need for a judge at all.)

This mindless refusal to acknowledge that other people’s views may be valid is typical of conservatives who are not known for their tolerance of anyone different, but it’s important to consider now — because these judges think they are doing the will of the founders in the same way religious fundamentalists believe they are doing the will of their god.

And that’s why these judges are never going to ignore that Constitution like the Trump lawsuits require. These suits have no basis in our laws, are completely frivolous, and ask the courts to ignore democracy and our system of elections completely and just hand over the presidency to the loser who wants to be a dictator.

These judges are fanatics for the Constitution, not for Trump. And that’s why he keeps losing.

Keeping the cultists happy

Despite not winning one serious case of voter fraud after filing over 50, the Trump camp is continuing in its ridiculous quest to try to negate an obvious huge loss to the president. Judges, on the other hand, are loving it because they can write scathing decisions with the same sort of glee that a film critic has in panning an awful movie. The incompetence of the lawyers filing these things is fun to destroy.

And they’re not even pretending this is about fair elections any more, are they? They only file suits and claim there was something wrong in states Trump lost. And note that none of these lawsuits ever uses the word “fraud” because the lawyers know it isn’t.

They’re just filing these frivolous lawsuits so the rubes will keep contributing and they can con them into believing in outrageous conspiracy theories. Gotta keep the cultists loyal.

The real reason they’re fighting over the election

In case it’s not obvious, the real goal of the Republican efforts to fight the election results is to keep getting donations from their gullible cultists.

This entire presidential administration has been about making the Trump family richer, by ignoring all laws about conflicts of interest and nepotism and by moving government funds to their own personal use. No reason to think they’re going to stop doing that simply because they lost the election.

Seriously: If you go to their donations page, you can see where they are asking for money to fight the election and then, in small print at the bottom, it says that the money will mostly be used to pay down their campaign debt.

I am not making this up. The Wall Street Journal today pointed out that the “Official Election Defense Fund” explains that 60% of contributions to the fund will go toward paying off Trump’s election debt, and 40% to the operating account of the Republican National Committee. Only after a donation hits the legal limit will the remainder go toward legal expenses.” 

So why is their campaign is in debt? You’ll see that they spent a ton of campaign money on fancy hotel rooms and cars and meals for the campaign higher ups, and there’s probably more abuse we just don’t know about. It’s clear that his campaign violated the law by laundering money meant for the campaign into other places, but as long as the Attorney General works for Trump instead of the people of the United States, don’t expect much to happen.

And, of course, these lawsuits are frivolous and have no chance of success, as plenty of experts have said.

Trump tests positive

As you may know, I have a number of novels and short stories published, including one book about a Presidential election (with vampires).  I often comment about how the whole Trump presidency has a plotline that is so outrageous and ridiculous that no acquisition editor would ever accept it.

But I have to admit, finding out that Trump has the “hoax” disease certainly has been foreshadowed greatly. If this were a standard book following the trend, this would be the point where the main character would realize the consequences of his actions and come out of this a better man.

I certainly don’t expect that to happen. I don’t think there is a “better man” inside of Trump.

But this diagnosis leads us to a few points I want to make:

First:  Have you noticed that many people are assuming this isn’t true? And you have to admit — Trump has lied so often that you have to wonder. Isn’t it sad that we have a President who is so dishonest that we automatically assume anything he says is a lie?

Second: No, the elections will not be cancelled. The debates may, but voting has already begun in many places. And elections are run by the states, not the federal government in any event.

Third: Trump is certainly in the most vulnerable population for this disease:  elderly, overweight, and unhealthy to begin with. But if he comes out of this fine, it won’t be because covid is a hoax or he’s a superhuman. It will be because he will have the best health care available in the world that the rest of us can’t get.

Fourth: I don’t want anyone getting this disease or dying from it, and that includes Trump. I want him to live, lose the election terribly, and then go to jail.

Fifth: It’s not like Dr. Fauci and others didn’t warn anyone. Maybe people should take medical advice from doctors instead of from politicians.