This is not normal

“McCabe is retiring in two days and then will be out of your hair, Mr. President.”make america normal

“No, I have a better idea. Let’s fire him now instead. That will give him a huge public platform and lots of media coverage where he can discuss the whole investigation and bring it to everyone’s attention.”

“Uh… brilliant, Sir.” (walks away, mumbling) “…fucking moron…”

This is not normal. Trump isn’t qualified to run a Waffle House, much less a White House. If a Waffle House had this kind of turnover of employees, it would be a sure sign that the manager was incompetent.


Donald Trump’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Well. Yesterday (March 13, 2018) was certainly interesting.

It started when Rex Tillerson, the unqualified Secretary of State, made a comment about how Russia was doing evil things as usual. Now, you may recall that Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron” months ago, but this was just too much, and Trump fired him over the factually true Russian statement.

Which makes Trump a fucking moron.

Tillerson’s assistant Steve Goldstein said something else true — that Trump had not spoken to Tillerson and had fired him without notice (and on Twitter, nonetheless). youre-fired

So it wasn’t too long before we learned that Goldstein was likewise fired. Can’t have people telling the truth in the Trump White House now, can we?

“Lots of Presidents have done this,” said Trump supporters. Yes, everyone remembers when Harry Truman famously tweeted “MacArthur no longer has a place in my administration. Sad.”

Then we discover that two more Trump higher-ups resigned, including the spokesman for ICE out in California, who said he “no longer could no longer spread falsehoods” for the Trump administration.

Then to make matters worse, at the end of the night the Democratic candidate in a special election in western Pennsylvania appears to have beaten the Republican. This is in a very red district that voted for Trump by 20% and where Trump went and campaigned in just days earlier.

Let’s hope Trump continues to have many more days like this, shall we?

Summarizing the Nunes memo

I’m trying to summarize this memo that has the GOP all a-twitter. Let’s see if I got it straight.

Our intelligence agents knew Carter Page was in deep with the Russians, had given speeches in Russia about how great Russia was, and was suspected to be a Russian agent. gettyimages-645342704crop

They knew he was also working with the Trump campaign and was probably involved with deals between the campaign and Russia. They had already been following him and had a legitimate warrant to do so.

Their job is to gather information from whatever sources they can. They got a hold of a document that had information first gathered by Republicans trying to stop Trump and then Democrats trying to stop Trump. They used that information to obtain a second legitimate warrant. And then a third.

I think that’s it.

The GOP claims that the investigators looking into this and suspecting Trump of being a part of this were “biased” and therefore the investigation into this conspiracy should be suspended because it’s all made up (despite the fact that we already have people who have pled guilty).

Nowhere do I see any claim that the information in the document was incorrect or that the warrant wasn’t justified.

As for bias, allow me to say that I work with police officers every day, and when they have a suspect, yes, they tend to be “biased” against them.  That’s kind of their job.

So. Can someone please tell me what all the fuss is about? What am I missing?

White House just can’t stop lying

The latest lie blames the Democrats for the government shutdown. This is despite the fact that the Republicans couldn’t even get enough votes from their own party to reach 50%.

Mind you, this isn’t just a talking point. In a completely unprecedented and childish move that is 100% away from “Presidential,” the White House has stopped answering the phone, and people who call get a message blaming the Democrats. I am not making this up.
angry trump

Let’s recap. The GOP said “If you don’t either kill the Dreamer program or CHIP which provides health care to poor children, and if you don’t let us build the wall, we’re going to shut the government down.”

Or, to put it another way, “We have hostages. Do what we say and we will only kill one of them.”

The Dreamer Program (DACA, which stands for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”) is supported by 87% of all Americans, who clearly think it’s a pretty good idea. This allows innocent children who were brought here illegally by their parents to stay in this country if they do certain things (don’t get arrested, stay in school, join our military, etc.). It has been wildly successful. People like helping children. But, of course, the GOP hates it for some reason. (Hint: it helps brown people.)

CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) similarly provides support for kids who, through no fault of their own, are poor.  It is supported by 75% of Americans because, come on, we’re nice people who think children deserve not to die. Once more, the GOP says “screw you” to what the vast majority of Americans want.

And then there’s the Wall that Trump promised Mexico would pay for. Now he wants us to pay for it. This is opposed by 63% of Americans as it has been since Trump first started spouting it on the campaign trail. Do you think the Republicans care what Americans want? (And why only a border wall with Mexico and not Canada?  Hint: brown people again.)

The Democrats are standing up for what the vast majority of Americans want. Yet the GOP still claims it’s the Democrats’ fault.

The House came up with a compromise (because that’s what government is all about — compromising) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met with the president and worked out a deal. Trump, of course, then broke his promise to Schumer almost immediately and then blamed Schumer. “Negotiating with this White House is like negotiating with jello,” Schumer said.

Yet they still say it’s the Democrats’ fault.

You’d think a man who ran on the platform of being “the world’s greatest negotiator” would have been able to come to some sort of compromise, wouldn’t you? But of course, for that to happen, it would have meant that Trump would have told the truth.

And that’s just clearly not in his character.

Talk about a shit-hole country

The reason I don’t want to limit emigration from shit-hole countries is because we are rapidly becoming one.

I’m shocked that anyone is shocked that Donald Trump called Haiti and other countries “shitholes.” The man has used language like this before, he’s said racist things before, he’s bragged about his sexual assaults, he’s called nazis good people — really, where have you all been?45BAA924-63E8-4338-B0CC-E49C5F70B52C

But seriously, the cursing isn’t the issue. Fox News is trying once again to distract us from what is really being said by claiming that we’re all upset that the president cursed.

No, that’s not it.

“Shit-hole country” really means “I don’t want those black people coming here” and you know it.

It’s like when he talked about grabbing pussies and Fox news said “Oh, you’re all upset that he used the word ‘pussy.'” No, the bad word in that sentence is “grab.” 

Let’s not get distracted by the words, and instead look at what the shithead really is saying.

This cliched Presidency

If you saw this in a movie, you’d think “This is so unbelievable and so cliched.”

President wins by a loophole after being supported by our cliched Russian enemy using underhanded and illegal means. The President is a reality show host who has a history of being a terrible landlord who has been married many times, mistreats and abuses woman while bragging about it, lies constantly, and has the maturity of a kindergarten child.trump evil

He then appoints the man most responsible for the foreclosure crisis to be in charge of the economy; appoints a woman who wants to destroy public education as Secretary of Education; appoints people who don’t believe in science in charge of science, appoints lawyers who have no experience in law to be judges; and gives the rest of his appointments to his family despite laws against nepotism.

He then channels government funds in a way to profit his personal businesses, which he refuses to place into a blind trust, and refuses to release his taxes despite promising to do so.

He tries to cut a popular health care program for no reason, wants to raise taxes on the poor and reduce them on the rich while letting his billionaire friends write off expenses like personal jets and yachts.

He has a propaganda machine concentrated in one network in particular and supported by many smaller stations and newspapers which repeat lies enough that eventually people believe them.

And to top this all off, he is supported by KKK members and literal nazis.

In a movie, this would be rejected as being too blatantly obvious. “These bad guys are just too evil — no one would believe it!”

All we’re missing is a maniacal laugh.

Are you on the wrong side of history?

I know I’ve lost some friends recently over this, and I know some people are tired of my anti-Trump posts, but seriously: These people are evil, and I don’t use that word lightly.

The racist, misogynist, homophobic people in the White House now care little about our laws and our system of justice, and are in the process of destroying what makes America great. A majority of Americans voted against them, a huge majority disapproves of what they are doing, and they don’t care. They are evil, and they’re encouraging other evil people to come out of the woodwork. Nazis, for god’s sake — in 21st Century America.

If you’re not fighting against them every step, you’ll have a lot to answer to for future generations.trump evil