The Presidential Line of Succession

I’ve seen this meme or ones like it recently, and it’s quite misleading.18557060_10156192841743327_8267740641808002296_n

Someone has taken the line of succession (Vice President, Speaker of the House, Senate President, Secretary of State, etc.) and somehow has forgotten that holes can be filled in the meantime.

If Trump is impeached (Sorry — when Trump is impeached), then Pence becomes President.  He then names a new Vice President (approved by the Senate). If he names John McCain, then McCain becomes Vice President. And then if Pence is impeached, McCain becomes President, not Paul Ryan.

That’s what happened with Nixon. His Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned because he was a bigger crook than Nixon, and Nixon named Gerald Ford. Then Nixon resigned and Ford became President, and he named Nelson Rockefeller as his Vice President. We didn’t even need the line of succession law.

The only way this line of succession is important is if everyone was impeached at the same time. The reason we even have such a law about the line of succession is for the unlikely situation where there may be a terrorist attack or something and suddenly a bunch of these people die at once. We then go down that line to see who is next.


Trump’s approval rating is so tiny

The latest Gallup poll shows that only 36% of us approve of Trump’s performance as president. That is so very tiny. It’s unprecedented at how small it is, and it’s shrinking more each day. Seriously, any man would be embarrassed to have one that small.tiny-trump-2jpg

No president has ever had one that small this early in their presidency.  Usually, a president is given a “honeymoon” where the public says “Well, let’s give him a chance” and the approval rating is historically at its highest absent some unforeseen incident. Not Donald. He started small and just got smaller. He doesn’t get a honeymoon because this was an arranged marriage that most of us didn’t want.

But what did he expect? He’s done nothing except be childish. He hasn’t kept any of his promises, and even his supporters are bailing on him.

What a Big Loser.

“We must have universal healthcare”

With Democrats once more calling for a “medicare for all” plan instead of the terrible Trumpcare plan, one turns to the words of a famous politician — clearly, a socialist — who said this in one of his books:


Man, I bet Trump must hate this person, with those liberal views. Who would dare argue that universal healthcare is necessary? Hmmm.  It seems that this is from a best-seller called “The America We Deserve” by that radical socialist Donald Trump.

The moral of this story isn’t that Trump actually feels this way. It’s that he has no positions whatsoever, says whatever gets him the most attention, and lies constantly.

Sean Spicer’s Training

“Mr. Spicer: As the President’s Press Secretary, what you say carries a lot of weight. So let’s try this again.  Just read the release.”

“President Trump’s budget proposal cuts funding for Meals on Wheels. Muahahahaha!”

“Right, but remember what I said — please try to read this without adding the evil laughter at the end.”Badman

“Okay, I’ll try again. Hmmm. President Trump’s budget proposal cuts funding for Meals on Wheels.  Hrmmmmm. How was that?”

“Better, but the wringing of your hands and the hunched over posture don’t really convey trust. Here — stand up straight, don’t laugh, and try putting it into your own words.”

“Thanks to President Trump, we will no longer help starving poor old ladies since there is no financial benefit to us in return.”

“Yes. Well. That certainly summarizes the Trump position perfectly, but maybe we should move on. Go to the next talking point.”

“All right. Let’s see.  Funding for the Arts has been reduced as well as funding for PBS. How was that?”

“When did you grow a mustache?”

“The Environmental Protection Agency’s budget will be cut by almost a third, effectively killing its power to accomplish anything.”

“And the top hat?  Where did that come from?”

“Education funding is slashed unless you’re a rich kid going to a private school in which case we’re going to give all sorts of tax credits to your rich parents.”

“Stop twirling your mustache while you talk!”

“No more science! Cut! Transit? Forget it. Anything that helps people who aren’t already rich? Muhahahaha! Deal with it, suckers! We know you didn’t vote for us, but we don’t give a shit! Widows, orphans, the sick? When was the last time you contributed to the Republican party? Fools! Feel our wrath!”

“You’re really freaking me out now! I’m out of here. This isn’t working. Oh, but one final comment.”


“At least you’re finally being truthful.”

Can Obama sue Trump?

Trump is usually the one randomly suing everyone, but lately people have been asking if Obama can sue Trump for the lies he’s been telling about him.

The short answer is “No.”

The long answer is “Noooooooooooooooooo.”

Defamation includes libel (written) and slander (spoken). In order to win a case, you have to prove three things:

First, that the statement was false. This is usually the easiest thing to prove, but sometimes the thing being said is merely an opinion. trump-liar“Joe is a jerk” is not true or false. “Joe is a pedophile” is a lie.

But there’s even more to it than that — you have to show that the person who made the statement knew that it was false or said it with reckless disregard as to whether it was true. (If it actually was true, then we stop there. Truth is always a defense against libel and slander).

In this case, the argument would be that no matter how much Trump believes it to be true, it just isn’t. Just like his belief that Obama wasn’t born in America, or that millions of people voted illegally, or practically anything else that pops into his brain that he tweets out that have no correlation to reality. Trump has a reckless disregard for the truth, and that means that he can’t use as a defense that he reasonably thought it was true.

And to make it even more difficult, the standard for celebrities and politicians is even higher than it is for a private citizen. You have to show that not only was the statement false and that the person knew it was false, but that they said it with malicious intent — they wanted to harm the other person, and weren’t just repeating some rumor or something. (Since almost everything Trump says has malicious intent, this requirement may be meant.)

So if you can show that the statement was a lie, you still have a ways to go.

The second thing is to show that other people believed it. If someone calls you a martian, then that’s clearly a lie. But if no one believes them, then what’s the point? The lie has to be believed by others, and by lots of others. The fact that a bunch of idiots who watch Fox News believe a lie doesn’t mean much — those people believe anything.

Finally, you have to show that you were seriously harmed in some way and not just insulted. You need to show that because of the lie, you lost your job and people are throwing bricks at your house and spitting on you as you walk down the street. You have to prove damage.

So if someone says “Joe is gay” and it’s not true and the person who said it knows that it’s not true, you’ve met the first burden. If everyone believes it, then you’ve met the second burden. But if no one cares and you aren’t harmed in the slightest other than perhaps being upset or embarrassed or insulted, then you have no case.

I don’t think Obama was harmed in the slightest by the latest Trump lie. The people who hate Obama still do, and those of us who have a brain still don’t believe anything Trump says.

So let me clarify:  Can Obama sue trump? Sure, anyone can sue anyone. Does he have a chance of winning?  Nah.



It’s still ridiculous

There are plenty of legitimate things to criticize Trump for, absolutely. More than enough.

How he likes his steaks and how his staff may sit on a sofa are not among them.tsi-may-cover

Seriously, many liberals are bringing up the fact that Trump likes his steaks well done with ketchup as a way to attack him. They then point out how Kellyanne Conway sits on a sofa in the Oval Office with her legs up as if that’s an issue.

Admittedly, the criticisms are done in a humorous way to make fun of the administration, but why are they even issues in the first place?

I am just against hypocrisy, and I clearly remember Obama and his staff being criticized for a number of outrageously stupid things like this, and Obama supporters like me pointing out how ridiculous those criticisms were.

They don’t become less ridiculous just because they’re now lodged against someone we don’t like.

Damn right we’re protesting

This isn’t about being a “sore loser.”

It’s about having a President who the majority of Americans voted against who is doing things a majority of Americans don’t want and appointing people a majority of Americans despise.

Damn right we’re protesting.march

The latest Quinnipiac polls confirm it all:

  • We oppose building a wall, 59% – 38%
  • 51% opposes Trump’s immigration ban
  • 70% oppose stopping the Syrian refugees
  • 72% are concerned about climate change, with 59% saying we should do more
  • 56% say Republicans were wrong for blocking Obama’s Supreme Court nominee
  • Opposition to the keystone pipeline is 50% to 40%
  • 50% support more regulations of financial institutions, 37% say no
  • 79% support for NATO
  • 75% believe that discrimination against minorities is a serious problem

As for Trump’s positions himself:

  • 61% do not believe him when he says millions voted illegally
  • 51% believe the immigration ban is discrimination against Muslims
  • 54% say Trump is not honest
  • 58% say he will divide the country even more
  • His approval rating is 42%, the lowest of any President ever so early in their term

He doesn’t represent us — us, the majority of Americans who didn’t want him in there. As President, he is supposed to represent all of us, and take into consideration everyone in America and not just the minority that elected him.

The more he acts as if we just don’t matter, the more we’ll fight back. Not because we’re poor losers.

Because we’re Americans.