Don’t vote for ANY Republicans

I am once more being asked by local friends to support certain Republicans for local races. I do not do that any more, even when I know these people.

If you’re still a Republican after all this — after the concentration camps, the ICE raids, the racism, the sexism, the outright hatred and the criminal activities of the leaders of the party — then I have to assume you support all this, especially if you have been silent about it all.

Sure, the position you’re running for doesn’t make political decisions, but if I vote for a Republican Dog Catcher, am I thus supporting someone who believes in white supremacy? That thinks my wife is a lesser person who can’t make her own decisions? Who has no sympathy for refugee children running from war and death? Who supports Russia over our own country? Who has no problem with corruption in the White House?

This is no longer just about whether we should fund the Environmental Protection Agency or what our tax structure should be. This is no longer about right and left — it’s about right and wrong.

Also, why should I help that party at all? Every lower office run by a Republican helps the party raise money for the bigger offices.

No, anyone who can see what the Republican party stands for these days and yet remains in that party has disqualified themselves from ever being considered by me.

Don’t Back Down

When someone gets mad at you for being political on social media, do not back down.

Now is not the time to be complacent. When our government is looking more like a dictatorship than a democracy, you need to stand up and fight back at every opportunity. You need to say no.

Every time we give in, act peaceful, and don’t confront evil at every opportunity, they win. They have the money and the power, but we have the numbers — but if we don’t use our advantage, they will use theirs, and they will win.

And I’m serious about calling this evil. This is no longer about left and right, liberal and conservative. This is about allowing harm to come to innocent people. It’s about looking the other way when crimes are being committed. It’s about ignoring treason, racism, sexism, homophobia. It’s about not being selfish.

Don’t back down.

This is Pence observing the Trump Concentration Camps. You know those scenes in old WWII movies where the Aryan nazi observes the prisoners with disgust? Tell me Pence doesn’t look like that guy.

Grow a spine and start impeachment hearings already

I have a degree in Political Science. And I don’t know what the hell is going on.

Everything I learned in school about running a campaign and getting elected is meaningless now, because as we have seen, no one can predict anything.

Anyone who says “We need to choose the most electable candidate” wasn’t paying attention to the last three elections, where we elected the black candidate and then the idiot candidate. No one knows anything.

cartoon by Mr. Fish

And the same thing goes with impeachment. Democrats need to stop worrying about how the public will react and whether it will hurt the party and instead they should just do the right thing.  Don’t wait for the perfect political moment that may never appear. Don’t wait for the polls to be perfectly in your favor. And don’t worry about how Trump and the Republicans will act — they’re going to accuse you of only wanting to impeach Trump and will say you’re acting political whether you start impeachment proceedings or not. They will lie as they have always done.

So ignore them. You took an oath to the Constitution. And it requires you to at least hold investigations about all of this, because if you don’t, you are putting your party over the country — which is the exact same thing the Republicans are doing.  If Democrats do not do this, all it does is set the precedent for the next corrupt President to get away with it.

Do the right thing and stop worrying about the political fallout already, Democrats. Stop worrying about what people who will never support you in a million years think. Stop letting the bullies win.

Grow a backbone.


I miss conservatives

No, seriously.  I may have a completely different view of the purpose of government, but I used to be able to rationally debate conservatives. We’d discuss whether the government should be providing health care, or where we should be spending our money, or how taxes should be set, or even whether the Constitution provided for financial aid to religions and so on.

But the Republican party has stopped being the rational conservative party and is now the party of criminals, racists, and nazis. I can’t debate with these people. They’re not talking about fiscal policies — they want to put migrant children into cages, take away the rights of gay couples, control women’s choices, disenfranchise minorities, give criminals and terrorists guns, and force their religion down our throats — all while supporting criminals in the White House.a2668b92-7c26-4736-b568-feb08d471e03-ax098_4a00_9This is no longer about right versus left, but good versus evil.

Some conservatives may actually disagree with these positions, but they’re remaining quiet because they are getting their tax breaks and that’s more important to them. They’re like the Germans who didn’t support the nazis, could have done something about it, but remained silent because it didn’t affect them personally.

Allowing evil to prevail by doing nothing means you’re evil, too. Good people fight.

I look forward to the day when conservatives take the Republican party back, but I see little evidence this is going to happen any time soon.


It’s no longer about left vs. right

So the New Zealand terrorist talks about white supremacy and how much he likes and was inspired by Trump, and then a Trump supporter drives a pro-Trump float past mourners for the victims. Twice.


Seriously, folks, the evil coming from this criminal White House and its supporters is astounding. This isn’t about political ideology any more. It’s not about left and right.

It’s about good and evil.

Ever read history and said “Man, if I were alive during that time, I’d be fighting those nazis” or “I would be protesting against segregation” or “I would never stand by while American natives were forced off their land”?

Well, now’s your chance.

Have an answer for the future when your children and grandchildren ask you what you did to fight against evil.

Translating Trump’s Tweet

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  1. I don’t understand the difference between satire and real news
  2. I don’t understand the concept of the 1st Amendment’s freedom of speech and press clauses
  3. I don’t know what the word ‘collusion’ means

Trump IS the wall

There’s a way to get things done in Washington. You pass a law, make sure there is money in the budget for it, and poof, it gets done.

At any time in the past two years, Trump could have gone to the House and Senate, both run by Republicans, and gotten his wall financed. He did not do so.

Once the Democrats took the House, he then demanded funding for it. The Democrats said no. “If you don’t give me what I want, I will shut down the government,” he threatened. The Democrats said no again. And he shut down the government.

The House and the Senate then passed a resolution to open it back up again. And Trump vetoed

The Democrats have tried a number of times to pass that exact same bill to reopen government, but now Mitch McConnell, knowing it would pass, has refused to allow it to reach the Senate floor.

“Give me my wall or I won’t reopen the government!” Trump whines like a baby.

“We don’t negotiate with terrorists,” the Democrats say. “You want a wall? Pass a law like it’s supposed to work in a democracy.”

So when the mindless Republicans try to spin this to say the Democrats are the ones refusing to compromise, just point out that this is not how democracy works. A dictator says “Give me what I want or I’ll hurt you,” not a President. Democracy requires you to gain the majority on your side to get a bill passed.

Not that Trump or any of his followers understand politics anyway.