The “Facts Free” Zone

David Fitzsimmons

Why we need to push Medicare for All

Here’s how law and politics work:

You ask for X, knowing that your chance of getting it is slim. The other side asks for Z. You argue back and forth, make deals, and eventually get Y, somewhere between the two extremes.

So when people say “Medicare for All will never pass” please understand: We have to aim high. We fight for that and if we have to settle for something less, we do because it’s got to be better than what we have now.

If we start off with something weak as a proposal, all that’s going to happen is that the something weak will get whittled down to something even weaker.

You always negotiate by asking for more than what you are willing to settle for.

For a good example, look at Obamacare. Democrats gave in to Republicans over and over again and instead of a good national health care plan, we ended up with the plan originally proposed by Romney and the Republicans themselves.

So stop yelling at Democrats who want “Medicare for All” or forcing them to weaken their own plans before Republicans can even make a counter offer. Stop doing their job for them!

Big Billionaire to the Rescue!

Matt Bors

Too depressed to blog

This whole impeachment situation has just gotten me too depressed to blog. Apparently, the President can break laws left and right and it doesn’t even matter any more. After the Senate refused to convict, he went out and fired those who had testified against him, which is another easily proven crime (retaliation against witnesses) but of course, nothing is going to happen. Meanwhile, the justice department has decided that it works for Trump, not the American people, and is intervening in cases for political purposes, causing some of the lawyers in the department to quit in protest.

Now, admittedly, we as a country have been through worse. We had a civil war, for chrissake. But I had thought we were past that now, and the saddest thing is not so much what Trump is doing to this country, but instead how many of my fellow Americans are cheering him on.

cartoon by Rueben Bolling


The impeachment trial, in summary

Tom Toles

How to fire someone

Let’s say you’re a boss who can fire anyone any time you want. Let’s say you even have a catch phrase of “You’re fired” that you’re known for. Now let’s say you want to fire someone who works for you. What’s the best way to do it?

Obviously, the best way to do it is to call in some unconnected Russian friends with criminal ties and ask them to “take her out.”

I mean, duh.


Clay Jones