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Just because it’s not insulting to you doesn’t mean it’s not insulting

There are people on the left and right complaining now because Disney has placed a warning before the Muppet Show telling people that there may be objectionable stereotypes from a TV show from 40 years ago. “There’s nothing in the Muppets that is insulting!” they say.

And, not surprisingly, these people are not the ones who were the target of the stereotypes.

Look, let’s be honest: A lot of humor that was acceptable back then is not today, but when you go “It’s not insulting to me” you sound like the white guys in the 1930s who said “What do you mean I can’t do blackface comedy any more? I don’t see anything wrong with it and neither does my audience!”

As a fan of the Muppets, I’ve been watching the shows and enjoying them, but yeah, I can see how there are some bits that some groups may find objectionable, like an entire show based around an evil gypsy curse, or Johnny Cash performing in front of a Confederate flag, or Jonathan Winters putting on a native American headdress and talking about Injuns and so on.

So what’s wrong with Disney basically saying, “Hey, look, we’re not censoring anything but some of these things may be objectionable, and this is especially important when it’s a show impressionable children may watch”?  Isn’t it a good thing that Disney is saying “We do not endorse these things”?

And it’s not like the Muppets are alone in this by any means, and in fact, they’re probably less likely to have these things in their show given how liberal Jim Henson was. 

So let me once more reiterate that whether it is insulting to you doesn’t matter, because it clearly is to somebody. And if that somebody tells you it is, who are you to argue otherwise? Listen to the experts. If women tell you something is insulting to women, listen to them. If black people tell you they are afraid of police, listen to them. They’re the experts. 


No intelligent life here

Phil Hands

Rush to judgment

To those conservatives I’ve seen posting things like “You liberals who are happy that Rush is dead are just full of hate!”:

Rush Limbaugh hated gays. He hated Mexicans, and blacks, and women. He hated liberals. He hated Muslims and atheists and anyone who wasn’t his version of “Christianity.” He hated everyone except rich white men like himself.

We liberals hate people who hate. We don’t hate people based on things they have no control over, such as all the things I mentioned above.

It’s okay to hate assholes, because nobody was born an asshole.

cartoon by Steve Sack, after Limbaugh was forced by his advertisers to apologize for calling a liberal woman a slut and a prostitute


Mike Peters

Why Trump’s “First Amendment” defense is bullshit

Trump is not being punished for speaking. No one is censoring him.

Ever since the founding of the nation, it’s been clear that “inciting a riot” is what is being punished, not the words. It’s the action that is illegal.

For instance, if you stand on a street corner and say “Let’s all get guns and attack the Capitol” and no one pays any attention to you, no one is going to charge you.

Further, you can be impeached for things you say, especially when those things are clear intentions to ignore the Constitution you took an oath to uphold.

I’m sure the lawyers know this. It’s basic stuff. But facts apparently don’t matter to Republicans these days.

Jury of his peers (or rather, his co-conspirators)

Kevin Siers

The Market and the Cancel Culture

“The market should decide!”

“Okay, the market has decided that it is in their best interest to get rid of Aunt Jemima and actors and commentators who say racist and sexist things that cause our advertisers to leave.”

“Not like that! Cancel culture! How dare the market decide these things!”

The history of Blood Libel

We’re the majority here

Republicans have done such a good job at pretending they represent America and that we Democrats are just a bunch of liberal extremists that it’s convinced even some Democrats.

The facts are the exact opposite.

Let’s start by remembering that Democrats have won the popular vote in every Presidential election in the last 30 years except one. And then let’s look at the most recent poll results from Yahoo News/YouGov (which gets high ratings from Nate Silver’s 538 page).

The majority of Americans agreed with all of the following, and in some places by huge margins:

  • $2,000 relief checks: 74% to 13% 
  • Increased federal funding for vaccination: 69% to 17%
  • A national mask mandate: 57% to 32%
  • Raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour: 58% to 31%
  • Giving all Americans the option of buying Medicare-like public health insurance: 57% to 22%
  • Eliminating tuition at public colleges and universities for families making up to $125,000: 47% to 33%
  • Stopping family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border: 64% to 20%
  • Halting construction on the border wall with Mexico: 45% to 42%
  • Ending the ban on travelers from Muslim-majority countries: 42% to 35%
  • Creating a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children: 61% to 23%
  • More federal funding for research and development to assist domestic manufacturing: 65% to 13%
  • Rejoining the World Health Organization: 57% to 28%
  • Rejoining the Paris Climate Accords: 48% to 30%
  • Cutting carbon emissions to zero by the year 2050: 54% to 23%
  • Investing in renewable energy infrastructure: 65% to 17%
  • Reversing the recent tax cuts for Americans making more than $400,000: 50% to 30% 

A majority also supported the House impeachment of Trump, with a plurality supporting a Senate conviction (48% to 41%).

Every single one of these issue is a winning issue for Democrats. Democrats should run with it and stop trying to deal with Republicans who, in the guise of “unity,” want us to do what a minority of Americans want instead.