Texas once again passes stupid law

Governor Rick Perry has three problems with the 1st amendment: First, it doesn’t allow Christians to say “Merry Christmas.” Second, it doesn’t allow for Christmas decorations. And third … uh … I can’t remember the third thing. Oops.

Yes, it’s true — Texas has just passed the “Merry Christmas Act” which is their fight against the “War on Christmas”. This law allows those in public schools to say “Merry Christmas” and allows for religious holiday decorations (as long as secular decorations are also included).

Hey, did any of you notice anything about that law? Such as that’s what the law is across the entire country now?

The whole made-up “War on Christmas” is based on the false premise that you are prohibited from having any religion whatsoever in the public sphere. “You’re not allowed to bring a Bible to school!” They yell. “You can’t even say a prayer if you want to, and you can’t have religious symbols even if secular symbols are included!”

The people who say these things are idiots, and assume you are too. They are absolutely wrong on every single point.

What is prohibited is government-sponsored religion. You can carry your Bible and say prayers all day long in school if you want to (so long as you don’t disturb classes and you otherwise follow all school rules that apply to everyone). Not to allow that would violate the “Free exercise” clause of the 1st Amendment. If a school official gives a prayer and hands out Bibles, then that would violate the “Establishment” clause of the 1st amendment (in that the government is not allowed to establish or promote religion).

It’s really very clear and obvious to anyone who takes a few seconds to read the Constitution — a small group of people that does not include Governor Perry, who proclaimed that “Religious freedom does not mean freedom from religion.” What an idiot.

But they don’t care, really. They just want to force everyone to follow their religion. A Texas judge even ruled recently that school cheerleaders were allowed to wear uniforms with Bible verses. If we protest, we’re waging a “War on Christians” but when they force their views on us, using our tax dollars, it’s never a “War on Non-Christians.”

These same hypocrites are the first ones who shout and scream about Sharia Law becoming part of America, even though this has never happened. It’s perfectly fine if their religion becomes part of our secular laws, but if anyone else’s religion pops up, suddenly they’re all 1st Amendment absolutists.

It’s maddening, it’s illegal, and it’s … it’s …. I can’t think of the third thing. Oops.


5 thoughts on “Texas once again passes stupid law

  1. Personally, I think the War On Christmas is real, and is being waged on two fronts. First, it’s being waged by people who insist that the “real” meaning of Christmas is about some guy who was tortured to death, and that it celebrates that and only that, which is just sick. Second, it’s being waged by people who have been cowed by the first group, so they go around mewling “happy holidays” instead of belting out a loud and proud “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

    Christmas is for EVERYONE.


  2. And yet, I’ve been told to take down “Merry Christmas” decorations at work and been ‘politely yet strongly’ corrected by people whom I’ve said “Merry Christmas” to that I should say “Happy Holidays”.

    I wouldn’t call it a “War” but an overly Politically Corrected Police Action. 🙂


    • A work location can set its own rules; it’s not a government, so it’s also not a “police action.”

      If a business doesn’t want any religious symbols (of ANY religion), it’s not a “War on Christmas”. And when a business tells its employees to say “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” perhaps they are just trying to make sure people who aren’t Christians are welcome to their good will. It’s inclusive instead of exclusive.

      Often “politically correct” is just another way of saying “respectful” or “polite.” It’s sad that this is seen as a bad thing.

      Plus, Mark, you live in San Francisco. Yeah, there is also a thing as going too far in the other direction, too. 🙂


  3. That’s not normal Texas stupid, that’s just re-election politics. Gov. Goodhair and the Southern Sith needed some good press with all the abortion shaming rod, school funding and regular stupid Texas laws in the news. They were able to claim they reached across the table AND beat the Austinites… since the Austinites weren’t against it beyond the redundant redundancy of laws already in place and enacted.


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