The Most Powerful Man in America

Ladies and Gentlemen, ken0-009may I present to you…

The Most Powerful Man in America, Justice Anthony Kennedy!

Kennedy’s presence on the Supreme Court as the one reliable “swing vote” between the liberals and conservatives means that it is he, and he alone, that has often made the difference between hugely important cases. Don’t believe me? His vote was the deciding one on:

  • The Unconstitutionality of DOMA
  • The right of the Boy Scouts to discriminate
  • The right of prisoners in Gitmo to habeas corpus hearings
  • The right of police to take DNA samples
  • The right of corporations to spend unlimited money in political campaigns (Citizens United)

4 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Man in America

  1. Actually, mike, I have to disagree with you on obamacare. Since Roberts went against party affiliation on that one. I remember the disgusting pundits who tried to claim it was because of his epilepsy medicines.


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