A guaranteed win

I just got a new case. Tell me what you think.

A white teenager wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt was walking through a black neighborhood. My client, a black man, confronted him and said “Hey, you asshole punk, what are you doing here?” My client had a gun which he legally was allowed to carry. The kid tried to fight off my client but eventually my client shot the kid to death.

Simple, right? I mean, why is the DA even wasting his time on this case when my client is obviously not guilty?

5 thoughts on “A guaranteed win

  1. Well if your client was attacked by the kid your client should get off. And if the kid is insensitive and stupid enough to wear that emblem in the hood he is probably that stupid. On the other hand if your client isn’t bleeding it might be a good idea for him to have a few witnesses to the attack. My guess is that your client is an idiot


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