Weiner can’t keep it up

The polls show Anthony Weiner dropping to 4th place in the New York Mayor’s race, and rightly so. He’s too creepy even for New York, and while most New Yorkers couldn’t care too much about your personal sex life, they do care if you lie to them about it.

And that’s the main problem, isn’t it? He didn’t break any laws (unlike Eliot Spitzer) but he certainly cheated on his wife — oh, maybe not in the strictest sense, but I can’t imagine any spouse thinking this kind of activity is perfectly fine. And that, in and of itself, lets you know something about his character.weiner

When Weiner first got into the race, my wife said “Eh, it’s behind him; he may have problems but he’ll be a good mayor and I like his political views.” But he’s gone too far for her too now.

It’s all a balancing act in some ways. We are willing to overlook some of our leaders’ problems. No one is perfect. JFK cheated on his wife, too. So did Eisenhower. Waiting to find a perfect person to represent you is difficult, and maybe that’s one of the reasons many qualified people decide never to run.

But, you know, when you apologize, say it’s all behind you, say you’ll never do it again, and then you do it again and creepier than before — well, you shouldn’t be surprised that you lost our support.

One thought on “Weiner can’t keep it up

  1. I think as much as the lying is the contempt. Whether true or not, when someone swears to you they won’t do it again – that they’re still worthy of your trust – then they go out and do it again, it shows either and uncontrollable habit or contempt for the person you made the promise to. Both should preclude you from serving in public office.

    But beyond that is another layer of contempt that people attribute to politicians, superstars, and celebrities too often show, and that is a contempt for the societal norms, cultural rules, and actual laws. “______ thinks s/he is above that. That it doesn’t apply to them. That they are better than us.” And while we are guilty of painting too broad a stroke of our own contempt on them, tarring too many with the same brush, there have been too many who’ve earned our condemnation. Especially those to whom we’ve given second and third chances to.


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