Miley Circus and the sex symbols

Look, I really don’t care about Miley Cyrus. Seriously, musical artists have been trying to be outrageous since Elvis twirled his hips on Ed Sullivan. The problem is that the bar keeps getting raised (or perhaps lowered) to the point where to outrage people any more, you have to practically be disgusting.naughty librarian

What really astounds me is that anyone finds this sexy. I admittedly have not watched the performance but I can’t miss the pictures. They’re everywhere. Now, I know not everyone has the same tastes (thankfully) but I do find it sad that the “sexy” image for girls these days seems to be this.

Now, don’t get me wrong. They have every right to dress and act as slutty as they want — and that’s not an invitation, boys. And obviously someone thinks it’s attractive or they wouldn’t be doing this.

But for me? Give me the naughty librarian any time. Looks and brains — rowr!

One thought on “Miley Circus and the sex symbols

  1. Actually, I think much of the problem is that most people DIDN’T find it particularly sexy. It was just a bad performance, regardless of its style.

    If she’d put some real energy or talent behind it, there might have been something to discuss – but it just sucked.

    It didn’t have any of the technical skill and polish of a k-pop dance team, nor the creative energy and talent of Madonna, Gaga, or P!nk, to name several ‘sex’ icons worth examining.

    In short, no-one cares that a modern songstress struts out on stage in her underwear and starts gyrating – that’s pretty much par for the course these days – but we do sort of expect them to be GOOD at it if they’re going to do it on national TV. ;P

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