In Republican fantasy land

Welcome to Republican fantasy land, where a large number of Republicans reside! Sometimes called “The Bubble”, RFL is similar to the real world.

In Republican fantasy land, people who get welfare are all lazy bums who don’t deserve to get benefits. There are no unemployed people searching for work, no disabled veterans, and no families trying to get by on minimum wage.

In Republican fantasy land, the country was founded on the Bible.

In Republican fantasy land, Fox is a news channel that is fair and balanced.

In Republican fantasy land, a black person in your midst shows without a doubt that you cannot possibly be a racist.

In Republican fantasy land, giving more money to very rich will help the very poor.

In Republican fantasy land, government making health care decisions for Americans is the greatest evil possible (unless that decision is about abortion).

In Republican fantasy land, only sluts have abortions and they do it without a second thought.

In Republican fantasy land, science is always wrong when it disagrees with conservative religious or political views.

In Republican fantasy land, polls showing that their views are in the minority are clearly part of a vast liberal conspiracy.

Not all Republicans live in the Republican Fantasy Land, but given the comments they make and the way they vote, quite a few obviously do.

Care to add some more to this list?

2 thoughts on “In Republican fantasy land

  1. Republican fantasy land, where guns are handed out as party favors!

    Where marriage is the most sacred thing. Whats that? You want to have the option of having yourself a mistress and multiple divorces? No worries, That’s included in our “Special Edition Deluxe” sacred marriage package!

    Also here in Republican fantasy land, there are no Immigrants – except of course when you need ultra cheap labor for your corporations which are actually PEOPLE TOO!


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