Jesus and Santa were white?

Megyn Kelly from Fox News is at it again, insisting that not only is Santa Claus white (despite being based on St. Nicholas, who was from modern-day Turkey) but so is Jesus (who was a Jewish lad from the middle east). BK Santa

This fits in with the conservative bubble, where everything involves them and has to fit into their world view or it either doesn’t exist (climate change, evolution) or it is changed to be just like them (Jesus and Santa).

It’s a lack of empathy, a lack of being able to see things from others’ points of view that is the basis for much of conservative thought. They are against gay marriage until they have a gay child; they are against maternity leave until they have a baby; they are against Obamacare until they need health care coverage for their family. Whatever problems anyone has don’t mean a thing if they don’t affect them personally.

Megyn Kelly has had to backtrack a bit over her statements, but, as you can expect, she now claims that she is a victim of racism. As if insisting that your personal heroes can’t be of a different color than you means you’re a racist! Oh, right, yeah it does.

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