Alternate Disney Princesses

If you’re an artist, it seems like the way to get your name out there these days is to take the Disney Princesses and draw them in unusual styles.

You got your hipster princesses …


… and your steampunk princesses …


… and your superhero princesses …


… and your Moulin Rogue princesses …

Moulin rogue

Then you have your princesses as the seven deadly sins …


… and as Tim Burton drawings …


… and as Vogue models …


… and as Sailor Moon characters …


Not to mention as cute little kids …


… and deadly fighters …


Of course, we can’t forget the princesses as hobbits …


… or as zombies …


…or as grumpy cats …

grumpy cat

… and Nicholas Cage.


And of course, this being the internet, there are hundreds of pornographic Disney princesses out there too.  Do your own search.

Okay, okay, I know.  This has nothing to do with politics, but remember — I used to edit a magazine about animation (Animato!), so let me sneak things like this in every once in a while, hm?

Besides, my last post on the Disney Princesses constantly gets blog hits thanks to search engines… 😉

Of course, this leads to the real question:  Since when did Meg from “Hercules” and Esmerelda from “The Hunchback from Notre Dame” become princesses?   Apparently that word is being very broadly interpreted these days…  (For that matter, where is Princess Eilonwy from “The Black Cauldron”?)

And just to be clear:  Anastasia is not Disney!

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