The Gun Control Shuffle

There was another school shooting, so that can only mean that it’s time once again for America’s favorite pastime! It’s the Gun Control Shuffle!

1. Have a mass shooting.

2. Bury the dead and cry.

3. Politicians talk about the need for gun control so this never happens again.

4. Gun manufacturers, through their lobby group the NRA, warns that the government is out to take everyone’s guns.

5. Gun lovers buy lots of guns because they believe the NRA and the right-wing media.

6. Gun manufacturers’ income skyrockets.

7. Gun manufacturers use this money to bribe politicians through their lobby group, the NRA.

8. Despite overwhelming public support, no gun control passes.

9. Another mass shooting occurs.

Repeat every few months.

Note:  This is the third Gun Control Shuffle in the past five months, so we’re right on schedule.

4 thoughts on “The Gun Control Shuffle

  1. We don’t need more gun control. Not going to happen… and if it does (which it won’t) people like me will go rogue and just stop following silly “people rules” altogether. There WILL be a fight and we will not comply.

    Go ahead. Make more bad/evil gun laws… I dare you (them). In the mean time, I ‘ll keep training and readying my custom/modified lower receivers (and other toys) just in-case.

    Sometimes, Mike, you convince me that you’re the “commie” that my parents warned me about. You know, you hold ideals my grandparents generation fought and died to stop. Gun control is wrong. Our government needs to be un-empowered, not given more power! Are you nuts?

    I like you as a person, but some of the crap you want is just down-right wrong and feels very anti-freedom/un-American to me.

    I’ll fight to my last breath before I see that crap happen in MY America.

    Grrrr… Lol


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