Maybe we should ask the people involved

“The Cleveland Indians isn’t insulting!” say many many white people.  “And the Redskins?  They are a proud people.  They don’t mind at all.”

Gee, that doesn’t seem to be what Native Americans are telling us.


Sure, sometimes people can be overly sensitive.  And sometimes “political correctness” goes too far.  But you know what?  When I was a kid, “political correctness” was called “being polite.”

I like to listen to experts when I want to make a decision.  I think doctors know more about vaccines than actors.  I think lawyers know more about the Constitution than talk radio personalities.  I think plumbers know more about sink clogs than Presidential candidates.  You get my point.

When you wonder if something may be insulting to a particular group, it just might be that the particular group is the “expert.”  I am not sure I should be telling them that they are not feeling a certain emotion, because I cannot personally relate to that experience.

People often can’t put themselves in another’s position.  They would be outraged if there was a sports team that made fun of their particular ethnic group, but don’t see any problem with another group being so stereotyped.  Or perhaps they wouldn’t be outraged concerning their own group, and therefore think no one else should ever be outraged either.

In either case, the decision to be outraged does not belong to them.

One thought on “Maybe we should ask the people involved

  1. I refuse to support the Redskins because I have a good friend who is Cherokee and she does find them insulting. I’ve had people tell me I have no right to be outraged because “they don’t actually mind.”

    The one that matters the most to me minds. On the other hand, I’m fine with the Seminoles, who actually pay an annual licensing fee to the Seminole tribe for permission to use their name.


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