Happy Anniversary Ventrella Quest!

A year ago, I decided to start this blog so that I can discuss politics and society and stuff (a) without clogging up my Facebook page with debates;  and (b) so that the debates can be searched and can last longer than a Facebook debate.

It’s done really well on the second part, but people still prefer to debate on Facebook than here.  Go figure.   mike surprised

The first post of this blog was about Constitutional Fundamentalists — people who interpret the Constitution in the same way religious fundamentalists interpret the Bible: “There is only one right interpretation, I know what it is, and it matches my own viewpoint exactly!”  This has continued to be a theme on this blog.

The blog has had over 40,000 hits over the year.  That’s not 40,000 people, but it’s still nice to see.   It averages out to about 100 hits a day.  Some posts have gotten a lot more exposure than others, especially when you share them (use the “share” buttons below!).  My post about the Atheist monument had over 1000 hits one day, mostly because American Atheist President David Silverman shared it (Thanks, David!).  The one about the Westboro Baptist Church still gets hits, and I am still wondering if the Fred Phelps who responded in the comments is the real Fred Phelps.

The few posts I have done about the Beatles have generated some hits as well due to search engines, but my favorite is still the post I did about how the anti-gay marriage advocates always use animals as their slippery slope argument.  I called it “Sex with Animals” knowing it would get some attention.  I still laugh when I imagine people who search for that and end up on that page.

So thanks to all of you who read this and comment and share!

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