A solution worse than the problem

Everyone has an idea on how to improve the country.  Some of them get thrown around in memes on the internet and shared by people who say “Great idea!” without ever thinking about what that idea really means.

Here’s one of my recent favorites:
1476706_10153500011730494_700077965_nIn case you can’t read it well, it says:  “I think we should have Congress take an exam on every national bill (e.g. Obamacare) to make sure they understand the bill, its positive and negative consequences, and write an essay showing their knowledge of the bill and how it affects all social classes in America.  Bring in Unviersity professors to proctor and watch for cheating, and if they don’t pass the exam, they don’t get to vote on the bill.”

What a great idea!  Now, how do we pick the university professors and make sure they are writing the exams fairly? Oh, I know! We’ll elect them! And then we can make sure they’re doing their job right by making them run for re-election every few years. And we can have debates and interviews so we can make an informed decision about these professors…

Wait a minute…

Simple solutions are often just that — simple.  And often, it boils down to the most basic question in a democracy:  Who decides?  Who decides that they passed the exam?  Who chooses the exam givers?

When people say we should limit hateful speech, the next question should be “who decides what speech is hateful?”  When someone says we should use religious law in America, we should ask “Who decides which religion?”  Who decides is what democracy is all about.

The bottom line to me though is that when someone demands that we allow college professors make these decisions, I’d like that person to be able to spell the word “university.”

4 thoughts on “A solution worse than the problem

  1. It reminds me of when my brother and I came up with the brilliant plan to end child abuse, animal abuse and overpopulation: maturity tests. Easy, scantron, simple tests with first aid, behavior and nutrition questions.

    My mom reminded us that people have to pass a test to drive, so testing only takes out a few dangerous people and requires a group for oversight. She also reminded us sterilizing people for being dingbats is further than Hitler.

    If we are going to require congress to do anything to show their reason for voting, I like the idea of requiring them to wear NASCAR style jumpsuits with their donors taking up space based on the size of their donation. Much easier and cheaper than taking a test on every bill.

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  2. One person suggested that we eliminate voting for Congress and simply have a random draw for our representatives, chosen from “successful people.” I then pointed out that people such as stay at home parents or disabled people who couldn’t work (but may otherwise be intelligent and competent) would automatically not be listed as “successful” and therefore not be in the mix. I also asked her how we would determine who was “successful.” Wealth? Power? Beauty? Address? Or perhaps…a vote? She laughed and replied that she had obviously not thought it through!

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