Idaho joins the 21st Century

Hooray!  I get to do two of these posts in one week!

With this decision, anti-gay marriage wins in state courts rise to a grand total of zero.  gay+marriage+generic081612

In the last year, we’ve had decisions in Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Virginia.  Meanwhile, Hawaii, New Jersey and Rhode Island have removed the provision by the legislature, without a court decision.

That’s now eight decisions out of eight in the past year which have knocked down these laws. Not one court case has gone the other way.  The breaking down of discrimination has been 100% effective.  So to my friends who keep insisting these laws are constitutional:  How’s 100%? Is 100% enough for you?  What percentage will convince you?

“Marriage is a fundamental right of all citizens, which neither tradition nor the majority may deny,” said Judge Dale.  “The defendants offered no evidence that same-sex marriage would adversely affect opposite-sex marriages or the well-being of children.  Without proof, the defendants’ justifications echo the unsubstantiated fears that could not prop up the anti-miscegenation laws and rigid gender roles of days past.”

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