How much is a POW worth?

You’d think everyone would be celebrating the return of a POW from captivity.  Certainly the Republicans (who always claim to “support our troops”) would be in favor of this, right?   POW

And at first they were.  They even urged Obama to do it.

Then reality set in:  If we celebrate this, that means Obama wins!  Republicans have now deleted tweets and comments made in support of this, and have gone full force into attack mode.  And some of it has gotten rather ridiculous.

They’ve attacked the reputation of Bergdahl at every opportunity, using innuendo and speculation and ignoring real facts.

They’ve accused Obama of negotiating with terrorists (when actually the deal was made by Qatar, not us) while conveniently forgetting how their hero Ronald Reagan did the same thing (which caused the “Iran/Contra scandal where people actually went to jail).  Bush officials have said that they would have done the same thing.

Fox News said that Bergdahl’s father looks like a terrorist because he grew a beard.  For some reason, they never said that about their heroes in Duck Dynasty…

The alleged terrorists had been sitting in Gitmo for years without ever being charged with anything, despite court orders to do so, and will be released to Qatar where their travel will be severely limited.

Critics are now saying that the release of Berdahl wasn’t worth it.  Really?  What price do we put on a POW’s life?

So what’s the truth?  I don’t know;  I don’t have access to the information the President has, and neither do any of his critics.  Will this turn out to be a bad thing in the long run?  Maybe.

But we should not really be surprised by this reaction from the President’s enemies.  Half of them didn’t even want to give him credit for killing bin Laden, either.

One thought on “How much is a POW worth?

  1. I commented in your “a lose/lose situation. But yes, I agree. Its too complicated for me to say. Both arguments are right. And both are wrong. WAY above my pay grade, and needs more than a 10 word sound byte to discuss.

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