Wisconsin joins the 21st century

I love writing these posts.

Wisconsin has now joined 26 other states where either the legislature has passed marriage equality or a judge has ruled that they anti-marriage law was unconstitutional. (In some of those states, those decisions are still on appeal.) WI-Gay-Marriage Like Pennsylvania, it is surrounded by states that had been performing gay marriages for years without a single adverse affect.

It’s inevitable. It’s been inevitable for years. And finally, many on the right are acknowledging it. The fever in their fight is gone. Governor Corbett, here in Pennsylvania, didn’t even appeal the decision, and there’s no great movement in the state to urge him to do so (since the majority of people here are in favor of gay marriage).

Still, there are some who continue to argue that laws preventing people from marrying are perfectly constitutional. Their reasons make no sense (as every judge has held) but yet they keep making them.

These people are overwhelmingly elderly. They’re stuck in the 20th century. And I know it sounds cruel, but they are dying off — along with their antiquated notions of marriage.

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