Obama’s Time Machine

Obama has been using his Time Machine again.  And this time, in coordination with his vampire abilities to charm people into doing his bidding.*   168349

The latest example where he had used his Time Machine was when he went back to 2008 and charmed President George W. Bush into signing a treaty requiring the United States to pull all of its troops out of Iraq by 2011.   That is the only explanation I can think of to explain why all the pundits over at Fox News keep blaming Obama.  (Well, come on, they aren’t going to blame Bush, are they?  He declared “Mission Accomplished” almost immediately after the Iraq war had begun so it can’t be his fault!  Remember, Donald Rumsfield said it would last “six months, top.”)

Where Obama went wrong was in not staying there forever, according to John McCain (who also had supported a war that he proclaimed would be over by 2004.)

These guys who were all massively wrong about what would happen in Iraq are now blaming Obama for their mistakes over ten years ago.   Why anyone would listen to any one these incredibly wrong people have to say is beyond me.


* Does this look like a blatant attempt to promote my latest book “Bloodsuckers:  A Vampire Runs For President”?  Thought so.

One thought on “Obama’s Time Machine

  1. If the President does in fact have a time machine, what if he brought back Abraham Lincoln who is reputedly said to be a vampire hunter? Would that mess up your novel’s plot? I’d certainly like to see ole Abe swing his ax at some of the Republican buffoons today.

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