Support your local blogger

Hey, it’s my birthday! So I hope you will indulge me while I divert myself from my usual topics.

There are many bloggers out there vying for your attention, and most of them have a little “donate” button on the side so that they can continue to provide you with information and entertainment. Or maybe they’ll do kickstarter campaigns for people.

It’s not a bad idea — and it’s nice when people who create things can get compensated for their work.

I don’t do that. bloodsuckers button

But if you’d like to thank me for my posts and show your support for this blog, how about a donation of about $6? In exchange, you get to download my latest novel “Bloodsuckers: A Vampire Runs for President.” (Or, if you’d prefer the kindle version, it’s on sale now for $4.99). There’s also a nook version and a paperback if you prefer.

So we both win! I get a few bucks in my next royalty check, and you get to read a fun adventure. (Come on, if you enjoy my writing here on the blog, you’re sure to enjoy the novel.)

You can click here to read the first few chapters and here to read reviews.


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