The sanctity of marriage

A Las Vegas chapel that performs Elvis-themed weddings is refusing to marry gays because it would destroy the sanctity of marriage.

I am not making this up. 

Apparently, the Christian owner of the theme chapel says that this “violates God’s law” and therefore she will not allow gay marriages.  elvis101

While other chapels are busily advertising that Vegas welcomes the extra business gay marriages will bring to the state, this particular place refuses on religious grounds — which would be a valid objection if they were a religious organization.

You see, a church can refuse to perform marriages for anyone.  You don’t have a right to be married by a church.  If the church doesn’t want to perform gay marriages (or interracial marriages or marriages between different religions or anything else that they think violates their beliefs) there’s nothing you can do about it.

But a Vegas Elvis chapel is a business.  They do not have the power to discriminate.

Remember that bakery that refused to make wedding cakes for gay couples and ultimately ended up closing down?  Yeah, it’s like that.  Business owners can’t tell gays they don’t have the right to sit at their lunch counter no matter how much their religion tells them it’s OK to discriminate.

So the Elvis weddings will either obey the law or close down — or maybe, like the bakers, be forced out of business through lawsuits.   The owner — a hard-headed woman — will be all shook up.  There will be crying in the chapel, but in the end, we will all sing Viva Las Vegas!


4 thoughts on “The sanctity of marriage

  1. The Constitution gives us Freedom of Association. If we do not wish to do business with someone because it violates our own deeply held religious convictions, then we do not have to do business with them.
    The couple in this case are both Ordained Ministers, and both of them agree that marriage is a union of 1 man and 1 woman. PERIOD! The government does not have the legal authority to come in and force them to violate their religious beliefs.
    If you don’t like it, you can go and do business somewhere else. There is a city hall office right across the street that can “marry” what I would call “alternative couples”.


  2. Sorry, but one error in my previous comment:
    The case was, I think, in Idaho, and the city of Coeur d’Alene was threatening fines and jail time for the couple I was thinking about. But the facts of that case are as I state in my last message. The couple are both legally Ordained Ministers, and both take the position that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. They are not destitute, so they turned down the opportunity to make some money because…some things in life are far more important than the almighty dollar. And right across the street from their chapel is a city office where anyone… including alternative couples… can go to get married…traditionally or otherwise.
    I used to be a Justice of the Peace, but did not renew the commission at the time it came due because I also did not care to risk being sued for refusing to perform a “he-he” or a “she-she”. I don’t need money so badly that I am willing to violate my own beliefs just for a few dollars. It simply is not worth it to me.


  3. You’re right about one thing — if they don’t want to do it, they can close down their business rather than violate their beliefs.

    No one is forcing them to perform marriages they don’t want to perform. If they do want to perform them, they don’t get the right to say who gets them. They are NOT a religion, even if they have religious beliefs and are ordained ministers.

    Don’t like that? Find another business.


  4. “some things in life are far more important than the almighty dollar.” Hmm, I find that for the most part of my observed life, people tend to be doing the exact opposite of that. Because, KAPITALISM! (Spelled with a K on purpose, if you get my point…)


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