Editorial cartoon: The best government money can buy

3 thoughts on “Editorial cartoon: The best government money can buy

  1. So it’s okay for the extreme left-wing liberals to give umpteen billions of dollars to their candidates, but NOT okay for conservatives to give THEIR money to the candidates THEY support?
    It is a fact that of the top ten donors to political campaigns over the last 15 years, NINE were left-wing groups such as unions, planned parenthood, and other such “subversive” groups. You like to take pot shots at the Koch Brothers, but it is a matter of record that left-leaning groups give far more money than do the right-leaning groups. George Soros has not…to my understanding,.. given any money to conservatives, but as given tens of millions of dollars to liberals. In fact, of the list I saw of the top donors, the Koch Brothers were ranked somewhere around #55th or 60th on the list.


  2. Right, because that is exactly what the cartoon said.

    In case you haven’t noticed, every single law limiting campaign contributions limits ALL of them, and doesn’t differentiate between liberal groups and conservative groups.

    But then again, I have found that facts rarely come into play when right-wing True Believers are involved. They have their opinions and no fact will ever change that.

    I generally don’t listen to people who think that unions are “subversive”.


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