Shock! Anti-gay crusader secretly homo!

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, a fierce right-wing politician who fights against giving rights to gays has been outed after he sent nude pictures online to another man!

I mean, what are the odds?  Other than the fact that this seems to happen about once a month these days.BOEHNING__RANDY_1695687

Rep. Randy Boehning (R — Fargo, eh?) is the latest. I wonder if his last name is pronounced “boning.” That would be fun.

It seems to me that gay men who are raised to believe that homosexuality is wrong (because of their religion, usually) have to fight their natural urges in whatever way possible, so they tend to become some of the most avid fighters against their own. It’s a way for them to say to their God, “See? I know it’s a sin and I am doing everything I can to distance myself from it!”

This also explains why they believe so strongly that being gay is a “choice.” They assume that everyone has these desires, and they are superior because they don’t act on them (except, of course, they do).

The good news is that this belief is dying out day by day and especially as more and more people reject that kind of religion in their lives. And so we can all celebrate whenever another hypocrite like this guy is exposed.

I wonder what is taking Michelle Bachmann’s husband so long.

One thought on “Shock! Anti-gay crusader secretly homo!

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