“They will never be treated equally or normally”

An acquaintance recently posted that people should not go around changing their sex, arguing “They will never have a normal life, and they will never be treated equally or normally.”

More likely, they will be happy that they can finally be the person they have always wanted to be, free from the constraints of society’s rules that force them into categories where they don’t fit. jenner

This seems to be a common argument that people actually believe — “Look, I will discriminate against people so therefore they shouldn’t do this. It’s for their own good, so that people like me won’t discriminate against them.”

Remember that judge (now forced to retire) who recently refused to marry an interracial couple for “their own good”? He claimed he was only thinking of the kids that could come from that marriage and how terrible it would be to have to grow up with discrimination. (After all, the poor interracial kid could grow up to be President of the United States or something.)

That kind of mindset has always been used by bigots to keep people they don’t like in their place. It’s been used against women who want to get into traditionally male professions, against blacks wanting to get into sports, and against gays and lesbians who want to marry. “We’re only trying to protect you against people like us who would treat you terribly.”

Not a very convincing argument.

2 thoughts on ““They will never be treated equally or normally”

  1. I know a number of transgender people, both MtF and FtM. Not one of them regrets accepting their true identity and finally living as their actual gender, wherever they may fall on the spectrum. People are people, and we all deserve to be happy.

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  2. Not against people changing their sex. Be who you need to be. What I couldn’t accept was how he won Woman of the Year. That tells every woman who made great accomplishments that year and every girl growing up that they still take a back seat to a man. At least if he had accomplished something great as a woman, then I might be more amenable. There is nothing great about a woman on the inside making themselves a woman on the outside. How many have done so before him? The only reason why I call him a he is because I’ve known him for too long as Bruce, not because I’m mean or insensitive.


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