Guy Who Wants to be President Doesn’t Understand the Constitution

“Dred Scot is still the law of the land,” said Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee today, demonstrating his complete lack of understanding of the Constitution he wants to uphold.

Seriously, I had to check to make sure this wasn’t from the Onion when I read it.huck

The Dred Scott case, for those unaware, was the 1857 case which held that blacks, free or slave, could never be American citizens. One of the top five worst Supreme Court decisions ever (probably even the worst), it helped send us off to the Civil War.

Huckabee’s point was that no one follows that decision any more, so therefore we don’t have to follow the gay marriage decision.

Anyone who has taken a basic government class (or even just basic history) in High School can tell you that the 14th Amendment nullified the Dred Scott decision. The reason no one follows that decision is because it hasn’t been the law for 150 years or so.

Let me remind you once again: This guy wants to be President. He wants to take an oath to follow a Constitution that he clearly does not understand.

Then again, this is the same way these guys treat the Bible — they apparently have never read that either, but they strongly believe it says only what they want it to say and no more.

4 thoughts on “Guy Who Wants to be President Doesn’t Understand the Constitution

  1. Seriously. The level of stupidity … and it will never change, not as long as the party’s followers act as though this is normal. I am seriously beginning to doubt that there are any intelligent Republicans left, because every time one of them says something smart, the rest of them bleat “RINO!!!”

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  2. If that is what Huckabee actually believes – all I can think is what my friends is so fond of saying, “Really?!?” (as in “Are you kidding me?”). It’s one thing for someone passing on the street to be espousing such things, but the more important realization that this guy might be given access to that “big red button that launches the nuclear missiles” is enough to make me go, “Ah… Nope. I’d rather have somebody else in charge, Thank You very much”.


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