Terrorists Take Over Government Building

A group of terrorists have taken over a US government building as I write this.

They’re white, though, so I have yet to see a major news source call them this.  family guy

Not surprisingly, this group is related to that Master of Treason, Clive Bundy, the racist millionaire rancher who didn’t want to pay his fair share of taxes and somehow convinced the crazies that he was fighting for their rights.

These radical right-wing groups have decided that the US has tyranny. In their deluded mind, they think that allows them to commit treason. They think they’re being patriots when in actuality, they are the exact opposite of a patriot.

The problem is that their definition of tyranny breaks down to “the government has laws I don’t like.”

Well, tough. There are lots of laws I don’t like, and I try to get them changed. That’s what you do in a democracy, and you’re not always going to win — especially when your views are in the minority.

These deluded “patriots” compare themselves to the founders and the American Revolution, but the founders were fighting against actual, real, honest-to-goodness tyranny — a king, no less. They didn’t have the opportunity to vote in people who could change the law. They had no other option.

If the President of the United States ever declares martial law and the US army supports him in that (hint: that will never happen), then yes, that would be tyranny.

Anything else is just whiny babies with guns complaining that they didn’t get their way.


3 thoughts on “Terrorists Take Over Government Building

  1. Because turning from arm protester into government resistor/occupier – taking over an empty government building – is terrorism.

    Mike, you have such a twisted sense of reality if you believe what you wrote, I don’t even know where to begin with you…

    If these guys are terrorists, they are the first group of terrorists I’m aware of that have no intention of causing harm to anyone – they’re occupying a building that was already empty. No one was hurt or even directly threatened. They are not trying to terrorize anyone.

    My experience/observations of terrorists in the past usually involved some kind of death and destruction, or at least intent thereof. Your definition of terrorism is obviously way too vague here.

    These people may be criminals by definition, but they are not terrorists.

    But that’s right, we live in a world where everyone gets a trophy, and anyone that takes action and disagrees with what is happening in the society and takes action is a terrorist. (The funny part is that in a world like that – one where simple criminal activity in protest against government could be considered terrorism – is exactly the kind of world that needs a revolution. It sounds like quite the oppressive situation to me.)

    This way of thinking – demonizing people or causes that you disagree with – is plainfully and simply wrong.

    If it wasn’t for the armed nature of the average American citizen, you socialists would step all over us without a second thought.

    Though I am always pleased to see people take a stand against an unjust government, I don’t necessarily agree with the actions of these people, and I do agree that their actions are criminal.

    Terrorists? Not a chance. (But, keep trying to spin it that way, Mike. It’s what you do best.)


    • Once they bring guns, yes, it stops being “civil disobedience.” They have come ready to fight and shoot federal officers if they don’t get their way. Why else bring an arsenal? If it was a group of Muslims with guns, I’ll bet no one would have any problem calling them terrorists.

      But I know you’ll never see it that way, Dan, so I won’t waste any time on it. Nothing I say will ever change your mind, as I have seen from previous debates.

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  2. “This way of thinking – demonizing people or causes that you disagree with – is plainfully and simply wrong.” Isn’t that exactly what these reichtwing heehaws are doing? They are the ones with guns. Now had they been Native Americans or some other darker skinned folks, these same phallic toters would be hopped up on beer and whiskey and be threatening to shoot them all. Frankly I’m tired of stupid old white guys with their panties in a twist because they are on the downside of demographics threatening everyone else. Hopefully the next Federal building they occupy is a Federal Penitentiary.


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