It’s still ridiculous

There are plenty of legitimate things to criticize Trump for, absolutely. More than enough.

How he likes his steaks and how his staff may sit on a sofa are not among them.tsi-may-cover

Seriously, many liberals are bringing up the fact that Trump likes his steaks well done with ketchup as a way to attack him. They then point out how Kellyanne Conway sits on a sofa in the Oval Office with her legs up as if that’s an issue.

Admittedly, the criticisms are done in a humorous way to make fun of the administration, but why are they even issues in the first place?

I am just against hypocrisy, and I clearly remember Obama and his staff being criticized for a number of outrageously stupid things like this, and Obama supporters like me pointing out how ridiculous those criticisms were.

They don’t become less ridiculous just because they’re now lodged against someone we don’t like.

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