Against Protests? Why do you hate America so?

Football players are taking a knee today to protest the way Trump calls one of their own a “son of a bitch” for protesting.

And I’m very sad that some of my friends apparently think these protests are unAmerican. “Love it or leave it!” they scream.

Protesting is one of the things that we can do in America. It’s so American, it’s guaranteed to us in the very first Amendment.9e1fc035aa6110f48ac4e380d92a7adf

Disagreeing with the point of the protest — that’s fine. That’s your right under that same 1st Amendment. But saying they shouldn’t protest at all (or they should protest somewhere else, where we can’t see it and where it has no affect)? Why do you hate America so?

Look, I disagreed completely with the Charlottesville protesters, but I never said they should not have the right to do so.

These protests make people mad. But protests are supposed to make you upset and uncomfortable. They’re meaningless otherwise.

The whole point of a protest is to make people uncomfortable and to make them think. People complained when blacks sat at the white lunch counters, too or when Americans dressed as Indians and threw tea in the harbor.

Also, I can’t help but notice that these very same people didn’t say a word about nazis protesting in Charlottesville. “Very fine people,” according to Trump.

Disagree with what they are protesting, sure — but to say they shouldn’t? That’s unAmerican.





2 thoughts on “Against Protests? Why do you hate America so?

  1. The Charlottesville rally to which you refer wasn’t just Neo-Nazis, and you implication that it was shows that are are simply not knowledgeable about the topic of which you speak.

    With that said, you miss the point entirely.

    It’s not that NFL players shouldn’t protest, it’s that their venue for protest is inappropriate, and their protest is based entirely upon a false narrative. It’s racist rhetoric and nothing more.

    Viewing some of the other posts on your Facebook profile, I’m not surprised that you would support such a divisive racist movement. You ignorantly preach about all manner of topics of which you are ignorant or biased, all the while thinking that you are the most intelligent individual in the room. You are a textbook example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.


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