Things I’m tired of saying to my clients

“No, I cannot get the charges thrown out simply because the cop said your car was blue when it’s really maroon.”

“No, I can’t get the charges thrown out simply because the cop didn’t read you your rights when he arrested you. They only have to do that when you’re being interrogated. Yes, I know it’s different on television.”

“So you want to believe one of the other inmates at the jail as to what should be done in your case over me? After all, what do I know with my eight years of degrees and my 35 years of practice?”

“I am not your employee. You hired me for my knowledge and experience, not for me to file whatever frivolous motion you think you need.”

“Why did you hire me and pay me all this money if you’re just going to ignore every bit of advice I give you?”

“No, you can’t sue the cops if you’re found not guilty.”

“The fact that things are bad for you right now and people should understand what you’re going through is, amazingly enough, not a defense against the charges.”

“No, I am not interested in taking a case where you are claiming that the government doesn’t have jurisdiction over you because you’re a sovereign citizen.”

“Yes, I know I told you that this was what the law said and I know the judge ruled against me anyway. The judge is wrong.”

One thought on “Things I’m tired of saying to my clients

  1. I have just learned more about common law than I ever did in ANY of my studies, formal or otherwise … and I’m sick of having to pay thousands of dollars for information (education?), that can be obtained far easier and at the same time serve one well in the practicalities of my chosen discipline.


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