Do your own research!

While it’s a waste to debate with idiots who deny Fauci and tell me I “need to do my research,” it’s still fun to taunt them, as I did to one idiot on someone else’s page. Here’s what I wrote:

I am not qualified to do my own research. Dammit, Jim, I’m a lawyer, not a doctor. I’m going to assume experts who have spent their entire career after graduating at the top of their class probably know more about medicine than I do. For some reason, I trust them over random people who spout conspiracy theories without any evidence whatsoever.

If I have a plumbing problem and the plumber tells me that I need new pipes, I don’t claim that he is involved in some vast conspiracy and therefore I must do my own research to prove that he’s wrong. I’m going to assume he knows his job. And this is especially true if he is the world’s leading plumber and all the other leading plumbers in the world agree with him.

When people start with their conclusion that something they disagree with politically therefore must be wrong, it’s easy to find things that you consider facts to deny them. That’s an absolutely backwards way of thinking.

I’m using the word “thinking” sarcastically here.

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