The conservative threat in 2022

What exactly do conservatives want to conserve? Clearly, they want to conserve what they consider to be the “good old days” where straight white rich men controlled everything and the rest of us were basically pawns for them to use in their goal to get richer and more powerful.

Let’s look at what they seriously are proposing this election season:

I mean, come on, they’re still supporting this asshole
  • Make abortion illegal everywhere and curtail women’s rights;
  • Make gay marriage illegal again;
  • Restrict access to contraception;
  • Shut down medicare and medicaid;
  • Repeal the recently passed law that limits what Big Pharma can charge for medicine;
  • Repeal Obamacare;
  • Force Christian religious training in schools while banning books they find dangerous;
  • Reduce taxes on the very wealthy;
  • Prevent higher education from being free or cheaper;
  • Fight against raising the minimum wage;
  • Refuse refugees begging for help at our border;
  • Allow governors to throw out election results they don’t like…

I could go on, but you know the pattern. Every one of these things is opposed by a majority of Americans, but they don’t care. They’re used to the minority of rich, white men running everything, and they see nothing wrong with it.

It is predicted that the GOP will win the House in November, which means you can expect that we’ll never see anything of value accomplished. Instead, there will be investigation after investigation of made-up conspiracy theories, along with numerous attempts to impeach Biden for stupid reasons.

Our only hope is that people (and especially women people) are mad enough to vote in numbers never seen before for a mid-term election. The signs are encouraging so far, but the other side knows it, too, and you can expect them to turn out in big numbers. Remember that Trump cultists are often underrepresented in public opinion polls, because they don’t want to come out and admit that they support treason and racism.


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