Stop being scared of everything, conservatives

The conservative way of thinking is just foreign way to we liberals, as I said a few days ago. We just don’t think like you do, scared of all those terrible nonwhite people coming over here, wanting to, you know, escape tyranny and pick fruit for less than minimum wage.

We see people coming here to the Land of Free wanting to escape terrible conditions in their home land. You see “animals” and “scum” who want to bring terrorism. You sincerely think they’re all here to destroy us from within.

Apparently, you believe these people came here with their families, knocked on our doors, asked to be let in, in some sort of ingenious plan to … what?

1. Walk into America’s front door

2. ????

3.  Profit!

We want to welcome these people whose only “crime” is walking past an imaginary line. You are afraid of them.


We  just don’t look at the world as “us” vs. “them” like you scaredy cats do. We’re not afraid of everything.

Because that’s what it’s all about really. You guys need your guns and you need to keep out anyone different because you’re so damned afraid all the time. You’re afraid gay people will want you. You’re afraid black people will, I don’t know, make you listen to rap or something. You’re afraid of anything that challenges your safe little world. You’re afraid of not being “special” any more. You’re afraid of anything different.

So much for the “land of the brave.”

Grow some balls and become an American already.

The tribalism of small minds: us versus THEM

Here’s the thing many of us liberals just don’t get:

The kids who are separated from their parents? Who are refugees coming to America to seek asylum from terrible governments? Who came here asking for our help?

Yeah, the Trump conservatives don’t care. They really don’t. Nothing we can say will change their minds. Appealing to their better nature won’t work, because they don’t have a better nature.

They see the world as black and white, and I mean that almost literally. These are not white Americans, they’re foreigners, they’re “animals”, so who cares if we’re violating basic human rights? They’re not human so it’s okay.  They’re THEM.


So much of the Trump Administration is easily explained by the tribalism of small minds — if you’re not like us, you don’t matter.

The wall must be built to keep out THEM. It’s fine for police to shoot THEM in the back. We can take the children away because they are the children of THEM. We should demean the protesters kneeling because it’s THEM. We can’t bake cakes for THEM. We can’t allow THEM to be represented in our movies and literature.

It’s us verses THEM and we’re at war, so everything is acceptable, even lying, because who cares if we’re lying about THEM?

To Tell The Truth!

My award-winning artist wife Heidi Hooper will be a guest on the ABC TV show “To Tell the Truth” this Sunday, June 17th, 10 pm EST.  Heidi makes art out of dryer lint! Consumer Reports has called her “The Andy Warhol of Dryer Lint” and To Tell The Truth flew us out to Hollywood (all expenses paid!) to film the show last summer — and it’s finally going to be on!

Please watch and support her!

1134728318_10157404840883306_7148639091830030336_n34813378_10157404841648306_4230411089977802752_nHeidi and Mel

The celebrity double standard

Many conservatives are in mock outrage over Robert DeNiro saying “Fuck Trump” at the Tony Awards the other night (which, of course, is what you’re supposed to say to people who want to be dictators). Many of these are the same people who happily welcomed people to their convention wearing “Hillary is a cunt” T-shirts.

“Celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics!” they say unironically as they support a reality TV star who invites Kid Rock and Kim Kardashian into the Oval office where a picture of movie star Ronald Reagan hangs, as Ted Nugent and Charlton Heston host Republican rallies attended by Meat Loaf, Mel Gibson, and Rosanne Barr. “They should just keep quiet!”

DeNiro, of course, is a native New Yorker and New Yorkers know Trump best, which is why he won a grand total of 18% of the vote there.  When asked about his profane comments about Trump, DeNiro responded:  “You talkin’ to me?” 636642680125721262-USP-ENTERTAINMENT-72ND-TONY-AWARDS-100536623