The real threat

This week, radical right-wing white males killed or tried to kill Democrats, innocent black people, and Jews in their place of worship.

Republicans: “Look over there! A bunch of poor brown people coming this way! Be very very scared!”


cartoon by Rob Rogers

Another isolated “loner”

Wait, what? The bomber is a right-wing white male Trump-loving conservative and this isn’t a false flag after all? Who would have guessed (besides everyone who has a brain)?

“But he’s just a person with a mental problem who doesn’t represent Trump supporters as a whole!”

Right, right — On his own, without any encouragement from all the people whose posts he plastered all over his van, he decided completely and with no reason whatsoever to target the exact people President Trump has been vilifying constantly. Pure absolute coincidence.

Look, the internal terrorist violence these days always comes from the right. There have been hundreds of attacks on abortion clinics and doctors killed. A nazi drove through a crowd and killed someone. Someone flew a plane into an IRS building, killing many, and someone else blew up a government building in Kansas city. Someone tried to murder a Democratic Congresswoman and shot her in the head. The other day a white man went into a Krogers and targeted and killed black people. The President has praised violence against his enemies.

“Yeah, but one time, years ago, a crazy liberal guy shot at Congresspeople at a baseball game.”

Ah, one example! And that person based his actions on the Democrat’s call for violence — wait, hold on. I can’t find any examples of prominent Democratic politicians or media people calling for violence.


The bomber’s van, covered in pro-Trump stickers along with pictures of liberal politicians in gun crosshairs. “That van looks like what Steve Bannon would change into if he was a Transformer.” – Hugh Casey

The fact that this was so predictable is the point, isn’t it? These crazy lunatics with easy access to guns listen to the conspiracy-minded Republicans calling for violence and do what they’re told, because they think they’re doing good — that they’re doing what their leaders want them to. And perhaps they are.

There is no equivalence on the left.

“It’s mental illness, I tell ya!”

Yep, mental illness can affect anyone. That explains why these things are always equally distributed between men and women, black and white, liberal and conservative — oh wait. My bad. It’s always the conservative white men, isn’t it?

I long for the days when disagreement with those on the other side of the political divide was based on facts, realism, and the joined desire to make our country a better place with the disagreements being over how to accomplish that. These days, it’s a divide between good and evil.


Stop taking Trump’s bait

Look, I get it. All the stuff I learned getting my Political Science degree means nothing any more. All the experience I got running campaigns and working for candidates is meaningless. Trump has thrown all the rules out the window, because his followers don’t care.

It used to be that you could confront lies with the truth, but no more. When a Trump supporter holds a position contrary to the facts, presenting them with the facts does nothing. They don’t care. They just double down and fight harder, while screaming “fake news” and whining about the “mainstream media.”1535630063840

Better that we just ignore them and laugh at them.

Elizabeth Warren should have taken this to heart when Trump said he’d donate a million dollars if she had native American blood in her. So she took him up on it, proved him wrong, and how did Trump respond? By saying “who cares” and lying about whether he even made that offer.

It’s easy to prove Trump wrong (again) because there is video of him saying this, but the point is this: It doesn’t matter. Not one Trump supporter is now going to say “Well, I guess Trump was wrong. We should all apologize and he should pay that money.”

So don’t take the bait. When a Trumphead screams online in a debate, demanding “proof”, they don’t mean it. You can link to dozens of scholarly articles and facts and they’ll just ignore you.

You have better things to do with your time than talking to a wall.

The time for civility is over

No, no, no. Fuck off. The time for civility is gone. Being kind and civil only allows the assholes who aren’t kind and civil to get their way. This is a war for the heart of America, and you don’t win wars through prayer, chanting, or turning the other cheek.


I am not advocating violence. I’m just saying that we have to stop playing “nice” against the bullies. We need to give them their own medicine.

For instance, if Trump was President and the democrats refused to have a hearing for his Supreme Court nominee, he would have appointed him anyway in a recess appointment. Obama didn’t do that because Obama isn’t an asshole.

Recess appointments have never been done with the Supreme Court. On the other hand, a party has never refused to hold hearings on a nominee either. So if they want to play those games, we shouldn’t clutch our pearls and swoon.

We need to treat them how they treat us because otherwise, they’re just beating us up, taking our lunch money, and laughing at us for not fighting back.