GOP election strategy: Cheat to win

If we come out and vote, like we did twice for Obama and in 2018 in the “Blue Wave” midterm, then we win. There are more of us than there are of them, and we represent what the majority of Americans want.

They know that. And so they know that the only way they can win is by cheating. And that’s why the Republican party has worked so hard (especially over the past twenty years) to do the following:

  • Purge voting rolls of registered voters for no real reason
  • Make it harder to register
  • Gerrymander districts to allow them to win even when they get less votes overall
  • Fight against mail-in ballots
  • Remove the Voting Rights Act
  • Refuse to pass legislation to prevent Russian hacking of voting machines
  • Refuse to pass legislation requiring paper ballots
  • Removing voting precincts in minority-held districts
  • Pass ID laws that make it more difficult if not impossible for some people to vote
  • Fight against early voting laws
  • Restricting those with criminal records from voting
  • Creating an atmosphere of fear at the precincts (especially for Latinos who worry about being detained for voting, even if they are citizens)
  • Refusing to consider getting rid of the Electoral College

You’d think the most basic right in a democracy would be the right to vote, and you’d think anyone who really supports democracy would want everyone to vote. But the history of America has constantly been one of the people in power doing everything they can to prevent that from happening, starting with the establishment of the Electoral College. Women and non-whites had to fight and die for this very basic right, and the battle continues today.

If it were really just about the law


Darrin Bell

The problem with those who refuse to assimilate

The main problem in America today are those who refuse to assimilate into society — who insist on keeping their own culture and not becoming part of what makes America great.

These people just don’t understand that America has a specific culture, and when you’re here, you should accept that.

These white straight Christians refuse to acknowledge that we represent the best the world has to offer. That our diversity is our strength, and we were built by immigrants, including some who did not come here voluntarily.  They go on national television and complain that America isn’t great any more, which is their way of saying “white male straight Christians don’t get to do whatever we want any more.” They don’t understand the greatness that is America — that we welcome everyone and everyone can become an American.  And then their words encourage crazy people to go out on killing rampages.

Until these people learn to assimilate into American society, we’ll never achieve the American dream.


Don’t call him “Moscow Mitch.” He hates that

moscow mitch

Steve Sack

Aren’t we all supposed to be antifa?

I always thought the default position was to be against fascists. I’m proud to be anti-fascists.

I guess if you’re anti-antifa, that must make you fa.

“No!” some of my well-meaning liberal friends say. “They’re violent and violence is always bad!”

Well, first of all, let me roll my eyes in disbelief. Then, let me point out a few things:

  • The nazis, klan members, and Trump supporters who march through town wearing swastikas, Confederate flags and klan flyers while shouting “Jews will not replace us” are not only advocating violence, they are literally killing people.  And they’re killing people because of who they are — over things they have no control over, like their race, sex, nationality, and sexual identity.
  • Antifa people are responding to them. If the fascists go away, the antifa people will too.
  • Some asshole nazi-supporting reporter gets beaten? Yeah, that shouldn’t have happened. But that’s it? That’s the one example? How many mass shootings by white supremacists do we need on the other side to say “That is so minor in comparison”?
  • There is no coordinated antifa organization. It’s just something you identify yourself as, like being a Beatles fan. There’s no dues. There’s no leader… As opposed to the klan and the nazis and the goddamn Republican party, with its leader that has inspired more terrorist attacks in the last two years than any ISIS leader.
  • Throwing milkshakes at people isn’t violence. It’s not meant to harm them, it’s meant to humiliate them. It’s for us to laugh at them, because they don’t know how to handle being laughed at.
  • There is no way to equate milkshake throwing with murder.
  • There is absolutely no evidence of “cement mixed into milkshakes.” That’s a complete lie made up by right-wing fanatics without any proof to it.
  • The reason some antifa people wear masks to hide their faces is because these nazis on the other side have guns and want to kill them.
  • A very small percentage of antifa people have committed minor crimes of violence, but nothing compared to what the nazis, klan members, Trump supporters and fascists have committed. It is possible to be against all violence, from either side, and still be anti-fascist.

Trump’s America

Clay Bennett

Trump is a racist

“Trump is many things but not a racist,” say his supporters.

I’m not sure what the guy has to do for people to admit he is a racist. Get fined for refusing to rent to black people? Oh, right, he did that already. Call Mexicans rapists? Oops, done that. Insult Congresspeople who are not white and tell them to go back home? Yep, done that. Demand innocent black men get the death penalty for a crime they didn’t commit? Been there, done that. Insinuate Obama wasn’t born in America simply because he’s black? Oh, right, he was the leader for that one. Call KKK members and nazis “fine people”? Oh, I remember now. Call African countries shitholes? Yep, done that. Hire people whose backgrounds are from white supremacist groups? Plenty of those. Have an Attorney General who was close to the KKK? Yep. Institute a travel ban on Muslims? You bet. Have his casinos fined for discriminatory practices? Absolutely.

Not sure how much evidence people need. Any one of these is enough.

Seriously, anyone who says he isn’t a racist is probably a racist themselves because they agree with all this but are in denial about their own racism.

cartoon by Dave Whamond