Trump’s approval rating is so tiny

The latest Gallup poll shows that only 36% of us approve of Trump’s performance as president. That is so very tiny. It’s unprecedented at how small it is, and it’s shrinking more each day. Seriously, any man would be embarrassed to have one that small.tiny-trump-2jpg

No president has ever had one that small this early in their presidency.  Usually, a president is given a “honeymoon” where the public says “Well, let’s give him a chance” and the approval rating is historically at its highest absent some unforeseen incident. Not Donald. He started small and just got smaller. He doesn’t get a honeymoon because this was an arranged marriage that most of us didn’t want.

But what did he expect? He’s done nothing except be childish. He hasn’t kept any of his promises, and even his supporters are bailing on him.

What a Big Loser.

Why Democrats should block Gorsuch

Last year, Obama nominated a highly-qualified person to the Supreme Court but the Republicans, using their “block everything” strategy that they’d held during all eight years of the Obama administration, refused to “advise and consent” as the Constitution requires and didn’t even hold a single hearing on the nominee — something completely unprecedented in American history.Courtroom-Gavel

Now they’re upset that Democrats are planning to do something similar to them.

Oh, you big babies. You can dish it out but you can’t take it.

“But this is different,” they say. “We didn’t think the President should appoint someone when there was an election near, because they people should decide this.”

Well, guess what? The people did decide. The people supported Hillary Clinton by a pretty big margin. The Electoral College may have decided differently, but that’s not what you said. The majority of the people didn’t want you or your President to pick the next Supreme Court Justice.

How’s this, then? The President shouldn’t appoint a Supreme Court Justice when he is being investigated for treason. Isn’t that much better reason to deny it? Oh, right — it’s very different when it’s your leader who is accused of crimes that could have him impeached and removed soon.

Typical Republican logic:  “Never hold us to the same standards by which we hold you!”


Support your local blogger (Sherlock edition)

There are many bloggers out there vying for your attention, and most of them have a little “donate” button on the side so that they can continue to provide you with information and entertainment. Or maybe they’ll do kickstarter campaigns for people. Or have a Patreon page. Or sell ads on their blog.91vpPELXg-L

It’s not a bad idea — and it’s nice when people who create things can get compensated for their work.

I don’t do that. (The ads you see here are placed by WordPress, because I’m not paying them to host this blog.)

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“We must have universal healthcare”

With Democrats once more calling for a “medicare for all” plan instead of the terrible Trumpcare plan, one turns to the words of a famous politician — clearly, a socialist — who said this in one of his books:


Man, I bet Trump must hate this person, with those liberal views. Who would dare argue that universal healthcare is necessary? Hmmm.  It seems that this is from a best-seller called “The America We Deserve” by that radical socialist Donald Trump.

The moral of this story isn’t that Trump actually feels this way. It’s that he has no positions whatsoever, says whatever gets him the most attention, and lies constantly.