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Tim Egan

Vote for who you want, not for who you think will win

I have given up on predicting what people want. The experts all said we’d never elect a black man and we got two terms of Obama. The experts all said we’d never elect a racist asshole and we got Trump. And in the past, when we chose who we thought would probably win instead of who we really wanted (Kerry, Dukakis, Gore) we lost.

Vote for who you want. Support who you want. You may be surprised at how well you do.

Mind you, as a Political Science grad who worked on political campaigns and runs a political blog and taught political science at the college level, you could consider me an “expert” — and I’m one of those experts who has been proven wrong.

I now think what is most important when people vote is personality and charisma, which can overcome any negatives a candidate may have. “Do they look like a President?” should be the main question.

I’d love to see a Warren / Harris ticket, but people are saying they can’t win.  I think that the kind of person who would refuse to vote for two women on the ticket probably isn’t going to vote for a Democrat anyway. I think we can win by getting our base excited and actually coming out to vote, like they did for Obama. There are more of us than them, and when we vote, we win.

Trump’s Legacy

Nick Anderson

How to help Christians who don’t like Satanist prayers

Many governmental meetings start off with a prayer, despite the clear language of the 1st Amendment. Courts have held that this is fine as long as you give equal time to all religions. Not that most places abide by that, of course.

The Satanists in Alaska protested and won, and were allowed to give a prayer at a meeting recently, which caused many at the meeting to leave in protest.

Look, Christians: If you don’t want to hear prayers from religions you don’t like, then the solution is to not have prayers at all at government meetings. You know, kind of like what the founders wanted when they wrote that whole 1st Amendment thing.

Don’t like it? Move to some country where religion is part of government, like Iran.

Please understand: No one is trying to stop you from practicing your religion. No one. You are not under attack. There is no “war on Christians.”

All we’re saying is “Don’t make us obey your religion.” We’re the ones under attack. Every fight is in defense.

Stop trying to make us listen to your prayers, live by your religious laws, and take our tax money to pay for your religion and we can all get along just fine.

So here’s my advice to Christians: If you prohibit all prayers in government meetings, you will never have to sit through one you disagree with.

And if not, then you’ll know exactly what it feels like to be an atheist at these things.

“I didn’t collude and I’ll gladly do it again”

Kevin Siers

Grow a spine and start impeachment hearings already

I have a degree in Political Science. And I don’t know what the hell is going on.

Everything I learned in school about running a campaign and getting elected is meaningless now, because as we have seen, no one can predict anything.

Anyone who says “We need to choose the most electable candidate” wasn’t paying attention to the last three elections, where we elected the black candidate and then the idiot candidate. No one knows anything.

cartoon by Mr. Fish

And the same thing goes with impeachment. Democrats need to stop worrying about how the public will react and whether it will hurt the party and instead they should just do the right thing.  Don’t wait for the perfect political moment that may never appear. Don’t wait for the polls to be perfectly in your favor. And don’t worry about how Trump and the Republicans will act — they’re going to accuse you of only wanting to impeach Trump and will say you’re acting political whether you start impeachment proceedings or not. They will lie as they have always done.

So ignore them. You took an oath to the Constitution. And it requires you to at least hold investigations about all of this, because if you don’t, you are putting your party over the country — which is the exact same thing the Republicans are doing.  If Democrats do not do this, all it does is set the precedent for the next corrupt President to get away with it.

Do the right thing and stop worrying about the political fallout already, Democrats. Stop worrying about what people who will never support you in a million years think. Stop letting the bullies win.

Grow a backbone.


Trump visits the queen

Clay Jones