No, it isn’t; it’s the flag of the Ku Klux Klan

I’m not going to waste space here today trying to convince people that the Confederate flag you see flying all over the place is the flag of treason and slavery — you know it is, and the people who fly it know it is. That’s why they fly it. Oh, they may say it’s about “southern heritage” but I never see southern liberals or blacks flying that flag, only racists or people who are are so clueless that they have been misled by racists.  It’s no more a flag of southern pride than the swastika is a symbol of German pride.

But the real fact is that the flag — which only came into being during the treasonous rebellion — isn’t even the real flag that flew over the Confederacy.

flagsNo, indeed. This Tennessee flag was the one adopted by the Ku Klux Klan after the war to support their attempts to keep the purpose of the war alive — the subjugation (and murder) of fellow Americans. It’s the flag of racist, treasonous, evil people who, I might add, also fought against anyone who wasn’t a Christian.

When you display that flag today, you are saying you agree with them. You are showing your support for slavery, prejudice, and hatred.

No, no, no. You don’t get to decide what that flag means. You don’t get to say “Yeah, for everyone else it means hatred but for me it means something else.”  If you have that argument, then allow me to shoot you the middle finger. Oh, sorry, were you insulted? Well, for me, the middle finger means something entirely different. What do you mean, I don’t get to define what it means?

Just kidding of course. My middle finger to you means exactly what you think it does.

24 thoughts on “No, it isn’t; it’s the flag of the Ku Klux Klan

  1. Actually, the middle finger was originally a death threat from crossbowmen. The way to properly hold the original model of the crossbow required firing the bolt with your middle finger. So if you pissed off a crossbowman, say in a pub or in (horseback) traffic, it was his way of saying “I’m going to use this finger to kill you”.

    It parallels with the British flip-off of 2 fingers. That was from tradition longbow archery. I’ll let you put that math together yourself.

    One interesting historical fact deserves another.

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  2. And Let me clarify my point as well:

    This flag was not created for the KKK. They adopted it, to represent what they wanted to do. They endorsed it, and it took on a new meaning. Soon, others were adopting it and using it too, because they wanted it to have the same meaning.

    If southerners wanted to show their heritage without being associated with the KKK, they could have used one of the real Confederate flags instead of this one. They did not. So they cannot now claim that it doesn’t mean what it obviously means.

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  3. Your main argument makes no sense.

    Since the flag was not *created* for the KKK, but *adopted* the people invoking the original meaning have the right to continue to carry their flag and ignore whatever mispurpose another group might have used it for. I assume that they tell the KKK not to use their flag, and I haven’t seen that used in that manner, but in any event they’re free to use it in the original intended manner. Yes, maybe they could use another flag, but aesthetically, the battle flag is superior.

    Do you advocate forgoing the use of the Celtic Cross because SOME skinheads have ADOPTED it as a tattoo to indicate white power and it has that meaning to SOME people? I can do that with any symbol you care to name.

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  6. If your dumb ass actually knew your history, the REBEL flag was around before the Civil War and DOES NOT represent hate , you stupid fkn idiot


    • Mr. James Page, it’s swearing at and being verbally abusive to people like that, that people perceive your contentions isn’t about HISTORY but about anger fueled by/coming from the hate hiding behind it. Which is what Michael Ventrella was trying to highlight as being part of the problem here.


  7. This is false information.. even though they are right about the flags.. they forgot the third national flag.. also I would like the say that these are not flags of treason. The states had a right to secede . They where not forced to join the union they had a choice . All the states had a right to remain independent . It is not treason.. and people do fly the flags to honor there ancestors who fought for the confederacy . The battle flags are a symbol of the wars fought by the confederacy so we gen we fly the battle flag or northern Virginia we are honoring our confederate soldier .. this article is very misleading and you need to get your facts straight even if you did get the flags correct.. the only thing you got correct was the flags. Not the treason part or the honoring part..


  8. Amused. Come to Alaska, there are plenty of black people flying the Tennessee Army flag. We fly this flag because it’s a badass flag. And there just aren’t enough liberals here to make a difference, not that we care in the first place. The Civil War wasn’t just about slavery, it was mostly an economic war that was fought concerning federal overreach into state matters. This flag was also not created by the KKK, it was a Battle Flag. I don’t see uneducated Liberals criticising the Iranian flag when Islamic Terrorists fly it. That kinda proves that you’re just a stuck-up liar pushing a political narrative. Imagine getting butthurt over someone flying a flag. It’s a piece of cloth, woman. To many people, it has an important story and history behind it. Many people died for their right to choose under that flag, it’s just the choice that was wrong (like abortion, another topic I assume you support even without any thought to anything other than your personal convenience). You should really do some research before shitposting topics you know nothing about. And I really should bring out my Tennessee Flag more during the 4th of July.


    • Hmm, Here’s a little bit of research since you state “Many people died for their right to choose under that flag”, but interestingly enough it seems many soldiers were conscripted, meaning that they didn’t choose that right to fight under that flag.

      Citation here:

      Consider how you’re making yourself look the next time you feel all hurt & go off angrily posting an insulting missive to someone like Mike, who *has* done more research than I have on this subject, and I was able with just a little googling, to show that what you contend isn’t correct. (Note: There other statements you made which are also incorrect, though my intent was not to go item by item here, but to merely make a point.)


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