GOP as carnies

Carnies have the attitude that if you’re gullible and stupid enough to fall for their rigged games, then you deserve everything you get.  They’re very proud of their deceptive actions, because they’re so much smarter than the rubes who fall for them.

The Republican party feels the same way about you.

This is nothing new.  Dick Nixon had a “Dirty Tricks” committee specifically designed to do these things. fakepelosisite And now the current party has taken a book from Tricky Dickie and has created a series of false and misleading campaign websites for Democratic candidates.

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee bought up hundreds of URLs on Democratic candidates and created sites that mimic the real ones.  They have the candidate’s picture really big, and then a big “donate” button, and then in small print, it says “Help us defeat the candidate.”

These are so misleading that Google has started putting their warning pages up before you can see them, telling you that it is a potential phishing site.

This fits in with the theme of the the blog this week, which is that the GOP has a specific policy of lying and being misleading.  What’s more, like carnies, they’re proud of it.  Daniel Scarpinato, the NRCC’s press secretary, brags about the fake website program and plans on expanding it.

In response, the National Democratic Committee states that it has no plans to ever create deceptive web sites of this sort.