Voting for Bernie is a Win/Win

Look, I know Bernie doesn’t have a great chance of winning his party’s nomination.

So you can give up and not vote for him and then we get Hillary Clinton — or you can vote for him and he loses, and then we get Hillary Clinton (who even Bernie says is “100% better than any Republican”).bernie

And maybe, just maybe, he might win.

So what’s the harm in voting for him if you really support him? As long as you vow to support whichever Democrat gets the nomination, what exactly is the downside?

On the positive side, if Bernie goes into the convention with a lot of delegates, that gives him some power to make demands concerning the platform, nominees, and the direction of the general election campaign. And, more importantly, it shows everyone that it can be done — that it is possible to run for President without having to get money from the insiders, lobbyists, and PACs. It will set a great precedent for future elections.

On the negative side ….  Sorry, I can’t think of anything. What, Hillary will be weaker in November? Not if Bernie encourages all his supporters to work for her election and not stay home. Getting people who normally don’t vote going to the polls is something Bernie has shown to be much better at than Hillary.

A stronger Bernie helps all Democrats. A grass roots movement that encourages voting will benefit us all.

Complaining that he should drop out now or just give up is the best way to alienate all those voters and keep them away from the polls in November. I’m sure it’s what President Trump will want.

Look, the primaries are not like the electoral college. Every vote counts, because they aren’t “winner take all” races. If Bernie gets 40% of the vote, he gets 40% of the delegates. It’s a loss but not a complete loss.

And don’t be discouraged by his poor showing in the south on Super Tuesday. So what if Hillary does better than him in Alabama? There’s no way Alabama is voting Democratic in November.

So keep voting your heart. There are no downsides.