Criticism of the President is patriotic

Conservatives when a Democrat is President: “Impeach him! Attack him! Don’t let him get a single thing passed!”

Conservatives when a Republican is President: “He’s the President so he can do what he wants! Anyone who protests against a president is unamerican!”Trump-afraid-of-debates

I’m just tired of conservatives screaming “You hate America!” when we criticize them or their leaders. And when I say it to them ironically when they criticize our leaders, they always respond “No, I love America and that’s why I am criticizing them!”

Which is exactly why I criticize Trump and his followers. We call out Trump because we do love America and hate to see what he’s done to it.

We have a country founded on the idea that we can criticize our government. The founding fathers even worked that into the First Amendment, which includes not only freedom of speech but freedom of assembly (to stage protests) and freedom to petition the government and therefore criticize it.

And anyone who knows the slightest bit of American history is aware of how presidents have been criticized from the time of George Washington by people who were completely patriotic.

The inability of his supporters to understand this should amaze me …. but it doesn’t.

Part of the problem is that their definition of “America” is pretty much “white, Christian, straight, and conservative” and anyone who isn’t is therefore “anti-American.”

It’s why they are so afraid of immigrants, because in their mind, an America where white people aren’t prominent can’t really be “America.”

Those of us who actually love America and all it stands for believe that it is our diversity, tolerance, and willingness to accept everyone that makes us great.