Welcome to My New Blog

There have been some very interesting political, religious and societal debates on my Facebook page.  However, Facebook tends to be ephemeral while the issues are eternal.

So, at the urging of some, I’ve created this blog where people can post their comments, argue, and search the archives.

This will allow me to vent freely.  I’ll be the Vent Fella.  Or something like that.

I don’t plan on posting huge editorials.  I’d much rather make a comment or two and see where things go.

But for now, I’m just testing this out.

Enter your email to “follow” this Blog.  Or you can just keep an eye on Facebook, because I’ll post there whenever a new blog post is entered.

Comments that are abusive, trolling, or crazy may be deleted so please keep it cordial and not personal.




5 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Blog

  1. Hi. Lisa here. Thought I’d leave you a comment so you can see how it would look on the page(s). I do like the design of this theme — very nice.


  2. I really do agree with your subtitle there. It seems many people in US right now just seem to recoil from you if you happen, even for a little bit, try to talk about these subjects.

    I was surprised that this social ‘rule’ even applied around the gaming table with my friends who I regularly play Dungeons & Dragons with! Start talking about similar topics in the game, it’s open season – but talk about these exact subjects Out of Game, then three fourths of the participants immediately get uncomfortable and want to change the subject. The subjects have reached ‘taboo’ status in our society it seems. And I think its truly sad that level of social disengagement even exists in this day and age.


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