Everybody is a Tyrant!

Senator McCain today predicted broad support in Congress to require universal background checks for gun purchases.

Oh my God!  Do you realize what this means?  Not only is Obama a tyrant, but so are most of the people we elected through our democratic process!

To make matters worse, so are the vast majority of Americans, including the vast majority of NRA members!  Tyrants, all of them, out to destroy our way of life!  We must gather our guns, hide in our shelters, and get ready for the tryants to come after us and install military law!


The only other possibility is that background checks in order to purchase guns is completely Constitutional, that democracy works, and that there is nothing wrong with doing everything we can to prevent criminals and the insane from getting guns.

But no — that would be crazy!

5 thoughts on “Everybody is a Tyrant!

  1. I do not understand why gun owners would be against universal background checks, even for private sales. As a responsible gun owner, I would WANT to be sure that this stranger I am selling my gun to is not a criminal. That there is no reason he should not have a gun. I would want to be as certain as I humanly could that no harm would come from this lethal weapon I am giving to someone I don’t know. If I didn’t do a check and then they turned out to be a criminal and used to it rob or kill someone, I would be devestated.


    • There is a small minority of gun owners, led by the NRA leadership, that are absolutists. They’d allow children, the insane, and criminals to buy guns without any problems whatsoever.

      Why does the NRA have this position? People forget that the NRA is not a citizen organization, but instead the lobbying group for the gun industry. They pretend to represent responsible gun owners, but 75% of their members are in favor of background checks. The NRA just wants to make money for their owners.

      The NRA membership needs to stand up to these guys.


  2. Could the 2nd amendment be read to compel gun owners (including myself) to be members of an organized, federal militia? The 2nd always seemed to me to be about national security and a standing, compelled, involved citizenry and not about recreational gun ownership.


    • The 2nd was actually written by the southern states who were worried that the feds would dissolve their “militias” which were basically posses used to hunt down escaped slaves. They felt that without the amendment, the northern states would dissolve the “militias” to help the slaves.

      That’s why the amendment talks about the “security of a free state” and not “a free union” or some other term referring to the federal government.

      So yeah, if you really want to be a Constitutional absolutist, you could argue that the 2nd only applies to state militia (the national guard maybe?).

      Perhaps I should do a separate post on this some day.


  3. I agree with Universal Background checks also – however I do not agree with them in two specific cases that would be impacted – inheritance and if I want I buy or gift a gun that I own for a family member who is legal to possess. Between my husband and myself we have a very large number of guns and if one of us passes the other is looking at a very high tax to keep something that already belongs to them. In addition to the inheritance taxes that are already in place.


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