Obama Goes Against the Will of the People?

To those friends of mine who insist that Obama is some sort of fascist because he is going against “the will of the people”:

A majority of Americans support stricter gun control.

A majority of Americans support gay marriage.

A majority of Americans support keeping abortion legal.

A majority of Americans support Obamacare.

And, just in case it isn’t blatantly clear, a majority of Americans voted for Obama.

Now, you may disagree with these positions — and you have every right to do so — but you’re in the minority.  Sometimes the minority is right.   But when you’re in the minority, a claim that you represent “The Will of the People” just doesn’t cut it.

So cut it out.

4 thoughts on “Obama Goes Against the Will of the People?

  1. Being a fascist is not incompatible with being a populist. All of the really successful fascists have represented the “will of the people”, at least for a while. The President isn’t a fascist, though: he’s just a career politician. I don’t expect that we’ll ever see another President who places a particular ideology over his career.


    • His career has been doing just fine. He managed to go from a State Senator to US Senator to US President in a very short time and then get re-elected by a bigger margin than any President being re-elected in recent history. I don’t see how his ideology is hurting his career in the slightest.


  2. I was just watching a great documentary on Nixon, where he successfully labeled opponents as Communists to win in the House, and then the Senate. It did not matter that the labels were not accurate, as he bypassed the issue, and was able to win by attacking the person and affixing an emotional label.

    Now, Presidents have in recent times been stretching the reach of Executive Order, and it is the role of the other two branches to monitor that. The label “fascist” (or Communist, Socialist, Muslim and other favorites used against Obama ) act as a shortcut to winning an argument by not addressing the issue, but rather painting the man, classic ad hominem attack.

    Now, a more productive conversation is to discuss what power does the President have to enact the will of the People, and what must be enacted through Congress. And luckily, we have a Supreme Court who can decide just those issues.


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